Cosplay: A Beginners Guide!

29 Feb

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Cosplay summit 2009

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Copslay; or ‘Costume Play’ is a type of performance art of which the participants wear a costume to represent a character or simply an idea. Despite this being very popular in Japan it did not originate from here but from the world of science-fiction in America. When Nov Takahashi visited the sci-fi convention in LA; he became so enchanted with the costume masquerade and impressed with the idea of this new ‘art form’ he wrote about it in Japanese Sci-Fi magazines. He referred to it as ‘cosplay’ or ‘Kosupure’ in Japanese. The ‘art form’ has grown in popularity and spread throughout the globe with many cultures embracing it, from France to Mexico and Brazil.

Anime magazine released in June 1983 where the word kosupure first appeared

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Rules and etiquette in Cosplay were put into place to avoid any awkwardness or uncomfortable behaviour. Costumes must not overly expose your body in a way that could deem inappropriate to the public. No real weapons must be taken or any object that could be used to course harm, there is also a strict rule that no replicas of real weapons must be accompanied with costumes. Cosplay participants must not dress in a way that could be mistaken for a member of the public services; they must not loiter in hallways or where there could be a pile up of traffic, or strike too daring poses. There are also many rules for photographers, including only allowing them to take photos without the Cosplayer’s permission, never pushing them to pose in a way they are uncomfortable and never hassling; catching the participant’s off-guard.

Cosplayer's posing

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There are perhaps three reasons why people participate in Cosplay. The first is to show adoration for a character, to embrace the role and step into the shoes of their ‘hero’. Another reason is the greed for attention; not necessarily for them but for the character they are, stepping into another persona and ‘fame’ whilst in the costume. The third reason is for the creative satisfaction once the costumer has been made, and the more time and effort along with budget put into the outfit, the more attention from photographers!

This bizarre world of Cosplay is embraced through a variety of ways, from conventions all over the globe, to competitions and private cosplay events. The largest Cosplay convention is quite obviously in Japan; ‘Comiket’ is a semi-annual comic book event that embraces the wondrous world of imagination, bizarre characters and science- fiction. This convention is the ultimate hotspot for Cosplay.

Comiket 80 Day 2, Touhou Day! Subtokyo 051 Video Credit

The costumes for cosplay are very different to costumes worn on Halloween or any other normal ‘fancy dress’ event. The costumes are created with such detail and efficiency; they are worn with honour and pure love for the character hoping to embody the persona and characteristics. Most of the costumes worn are anime and magna characters, popular in Japanese comics.

The aspect of Cosplay is bizarre, yet perhaps quite liberating for those taking part in the events. It has been mentioned that Cosplayer’s have taken a shine to the Tokyo fashion week… Who knows, in a few years to come maybe this phenomenon will hit the catwalks!

===This article was contributed by Ally===

Kirin’s opinion:
In case you’re not familiar with Comiket, here‘s the official website. Please make sure how to participate in the event as a cosplayer, if you’re interested. It’s not as simple as to wear the costume from home and hang around here and there. You’ll have to change clothes at a designated booth and observe the basic rules and restrictions. Watch out for the perverts, if your cosplay is somewhat sexy.

Also even if you only want to take photos, you’d better confirm guidelines beforehand and ask the cosplayer for permission. Do not randomly take photos of cosplayers without a permission. That seems like a basic rule. :)


2 Responses to “Cosplay: A Beginners Guide!”

  1. Angel March 1, 2012 at 6:23 am #

    Cool! 🙂 I am a cosplayer here in Florida. It's really fun, we have a lot of conventions here. But they all all much smaller than Comiket, and not all cosplayers in the USA take it as seriously as Japan does. But there are still some magnificant costumes here!

    Please visit my blog:

  2. Johanne Wayne March 13, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    I like the outfit and they all look pretty on it. Children would love to wear this clothes when they see this because they are the ones who love and enjoy animated cartoons. VZ 58

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