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Cosplay: A Beginners Guide!

29 Feb

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Cosplay summit 2009

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Copslay; or ‘Costume Play’ is a type of performance art of which the participants wear a costume to represent a character or simply an idea. Despite this being very popular in Japan it did not originate from here but from the world of science-fiction in America. When Nov Takahashi visited the sci-fi convention in LA; he became so enchanted with the costume masquerade and impressed with the idea of this new ‘art form’ he wrote about it in Japanese Sci-Fi magazines. He referred to it as ‘cosplay’ or ‘Kosupure’ in Japanese. The ‘art form’ has grown in popularity and spread throughout the globe with many cultures embracing it, from France to Mexico and Brazil.

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Matcha cafe

26 Feb

nana’s green tea
nearest train station: Jiyugaoka (There are some branch stores in Japan.)
phone: 03-3718-3552
address: 1-29-18 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
open: 10:30am – 10:30pm (Sunday: 10:30am – 9:00pm)

I personally like coffee more than British tea and I still prefer British tea and western desserts to green tea and Japanese desserts. (I don’t like Japanese sweets such as Youkan, Anmitsu, Dango, and etc. so much.) But somehow I felt like having a break at a matcha cafe when I visited Jiyugaoka the other day. It’s possible the interior and the lighting seemed relaxing to me. 🙂
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22 Feb

For ONEPIECE fans, I found this the other day. If you ever plan to stay in Tokyo during that period, you may want to check it out!

ONEPIECE Exhibition

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Kawaii Tenugui Shop

20 Feb

Tenugui shop
store locations: A flagship store and several branch stores are in Kyoto. There’s one shop in Haneda International Airport and another one under the name of “Shinancien” in Futakotamagawa RISE shopping mall, besides their online store.

However, I just encountered their limited-time shop in Shinjuku the other day. 😀 Their temporary shop is open until the end of Feb.

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Japanese Fashion

16 Feb

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Along with Italy and Britain, Japan is known for setting fashion trends throughout the world. Tokyo is close behind London, Paris and Milan as a trendsetting capital and the Japanese population spend more on fashion than any other nation in Asia. Young cutting edge designers have been emerging since the early ’90s and have made names for themselves in the western world.

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Ochazuke recipe book

14 Feb

Nagatanien is a Japanese food company that is well known as a producer of Ochazuke. It’s the 60th year since Ochazuke came onto the market, according to them. Their instant Ochazuke is so common among Japanese people. I liked it a lot when I was little and even when I was travelling around Australia, I sometimes cooked Ochazuke pasta (spaghetti mixed with Ochazuke and butter) to save money. haha! 🙂

Nowadays I don’t eat it so often but in fact, Ochazuke is handy as a breakfast or as a late-evening snack, or even after drinking alcohol. :p (We normally take rice or noodle after we finish drinking alcohol and eating some snacks.) To make instant Ochazuke, all you need is a steamed rice and green tea or hot water. But you can make it more gorgeous with Dashi soup and some other ingredients such as bannou-negi (it’s a thin green onion), white sesame seeds, and etc. Well, if you add that much, you don’t basically need this instant one, haha! You can make it all by yourself if you don’t mind grilling salmon or sea bream to flake it and put it over the rice with other ingredients before pouring Dashi soup or green tea. 😉

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Sweet Q-pot smartphone

8 Feb

I’ve introduced Docomo’s cute cellphones in 2009 and 2010, but this time they made it with smartphone! I have no idea why such kawaii phones don’t come out of other cellphone carriers including mine. (*_*)

It’s Docomo’s Q-pot Android Phone SH-04D, manufactured by Sharp.
(Disclaimer: The photos are quoted from Docomo‘s official website.)

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