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mt masking tapes

30 Oct

Do you know mt masking tape? It’s a kawaii masking tape brand by the company named “Kamoi” and is from Okayama, Japan.

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How to make Japanese curry

25 Oct

I hear Japanese curry is popular and you can easily find Japanese curry roux at a local grocery store in your city, which however will depend on where you are living though. So today’s recipe is Japanese curry! 😀

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Nail Models Wanted in Tokyo!!

22 Oct

I know most of the readers of this blog are from overseas, but in case you stay in Tokyo now, I’ve got a good news! 😀

My friend Lena started working for a total beauty salon in Jiyugaoka (Tokyo) and she’s looking for nail models for her training (in her salon, constant training is required from staff for further skill improvement). It’s a good chance to have your nails done with some discount. But don’t worry it doesn’t mean that her skills are immature or something. She’s an experienced nail technician (nailist) and nail artist who has experience of working in Sweden before she relocated to Japan this year. So if you are interested and you can come to Jiyugaoka, please email Lena at nailmodeltokyo at gmail dot com and discuss for the service and price. You can also tell her that you reached her because you read TKE blog. 🙂

Now, I’ll show you my own experience with her the other day.
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Harajuku Fashion Show in Singapore

17 Oct

It’s a guest post from Ken at Jmarket.

===Guest post starts from here===
On October 7th, a fashion show featuring 14 of the trendiest street fashion labels from Harajuku, Tokyo was held in a department store on the famous orchard road in Singapore. It was conducted as part of Cool Japan Month planned by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to stimulate sales promotion for Japanese fashion and pop culture in Asian region.

Disclaimer: the source of the picture is from TANGS.
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Some cute Pi-chan pictures

12 Oct

I noticed I have not posted about Pi-chan for a long time.
So some of you might have wondered how she’s been doing. She’s been doing fine, and I have no idea how many times in a day that I feel happy to see or touch her. I never expected that I love my own dog so much, but I even feel like staying with her as much time as possible rather than seeing someone outside. Sometimes I start to miss her when I get bored at a gathering and I return home earlier than I’m supposed to. I think she has some kind of special power that makes me feel so good and healed. I feel so great when I am at home with her, even if I don’t have a chance to speak to anyone for hours.

Let me also share with you some pictures I took during the summer.
In this picturem Pi-chan looks girly with those little ribbons. She’s just come back from her grooming salon. ^ ^

I like this picture, because she looks very similar to how she really looks in real life. ^ ^

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Working Girl's Fashion in Japan

7 Oct

Working Girl’s Fashion in Japan
05/MAR/2011 on air

**OL is a Japanglish word (abbreviation of Office Lady) that means female office worker.

What kind of fashion do Japanese OL (female office workers) enjoy at work? Tokyo Kawaii TV conducted a street survey in Ginza. It seems that most of stylish workers suffer from strict dress code given by the company they are working for. For example, someone was told by one of her senior workers that she should not wear mini skirt at the office. Some people say their hair color is specified with specific color numbers so their hair color should not be too bright or inappropriate. Someone covers her deco nails with Band-Aids because they are considered too loud at work. At most of the working places in Japan, boots, jeans and bare legs are prohibited by the company dress code.

Yu-san represents a OL circle. She uses genuine diamonds for her 3D deco nails. (A piece of diamond costs 25,000yen!) 11 OL colleagues gathered one day to discuss the powerful coordination that is appealing to men on Valentine’s Day. Yu-san has been studying how to attract men by kawaii office fashion for 4 years. She was successfully married to a good-looking guy working in the same company and now her interests are shifting to cooking.

However, there is a company that is totally free from company dress code. This company runs the largest scale online fashion shopping site in Japan called ZOZOTOWN. Employees in this company truly enjoy fashion while they are working. Some people even cosplay while they are working.

The man with ink bottle headdress custom-ordered it for 300,000yen (about USD4000 at current USD/JPY rate) at his own expense.

Akiyama-san is a buyer but she also represents her Mori Girl fashion shop. The company director understands how important it is for each worker to enjoy fashion by him/herself in order to fully understand apparel and fashion brands. Otherwise it was impossible to involve as many as 1500 brands into one huge online mall.

False lashes are OK to be worn at work as long as they look natural. In this case the false lashes that OL love to use should be totally different from Gyaru type of false lashes. Koji developed false lashes especially designed for OL with a famous makeup artist TAKAKO and they sold over 1.2 million pair of lashes in 5 years.

TAKAKO’s kawaii OL makeup.
She uses partial lashes at the corner of eyes and applies them lower than the eyelines so the eyes look kind of droopy. Then she uses air brush to apply eye shadow.

TAKAKO’s cool OL makeup.
She uses navy color eyeliner and applies partial lashes over the eyelines. Then at lower eyelid, she applies glittering shadow from inner corner of eye to the iris. ”The corner of eyes make woman look great! Any kind of woman can become sexy with a pair of false lashes at the corner of her eyes!!”
TAKAKO emphasized.

Apuweiser-riche is a OL fashion brand designed for the early 20s. The concept matches OL life. For example, some outfit is easy to coordinate for a busy morning when one overslept. Their reversible skirt is used inside out at an evening date with a boyfriend from the same office after work. (to make a difference between on and off work.) “We are very serious about creating a hot seller, and the difference by the centimeter makes difference!” 1 cm difference can be a hot seller or not.

Speaking of OL, it was common that they were wearing company uniform before 1989, when economy bubble burst hit Japan. For the past 18 years and even today, Japan has been suffering from economy recession, which made it difficult for many companies to continue providing uniform to their female workers. Company uniform used to be too plain with single color and it was uncool about 10 years ago. Joie reviewed office uniform by asking honest opinions from OL on the street. What kind of uniform do they like to wear? They want something kawaii but too much lovely is not good. They had a chance to do a presentation at a local clinic where there are female workers from age 20s to 60s. The female workers are unhappy about their current uniform because it’s too simple and conservative. They try 10 different samples. Pink is supported by the 20s, but the 60s are reluctant or hesitant. However all of them agreed to renew their uniform.

Kirin’s opinion:
I like the free atmosphere that ZoZoTown office offers. I wonder why such easy-going company should not increase in Japan. Especially when it’s office work and the workers only see colleagues everyday, what a big deal if one is dressed with what he/she likes? Well, this is a question when I was working for a company as an exporter long time ago when I was always told by the seniors that I should not wear this and that at the office. haha!

I also have the experience of working at a company that provides uncool company uniform. If I was wise enough to listen to what my heart felt then, I wouldn’t choose to work for the company. But I followed what my parents said and I convinced myself to work for the company. It was very uncomfortable to dress what I hated. Moreover, it’s everyday, every week, every month, day after day…all the female workers were dressed with the same plain uniform and male workers sneakily compared which girl looked sexy with the uniform…ugh I was sick of it. I left the company before the 5th month. lol I think I really hate that others decide what I should wear everyday. It was not so long since then that I decided to be freelance, because I never wanted anybody else to decide what I should wear everyday and what time I should be at office and what time I can have a nap (which usually is not allowed at any companies I worked for) and etc. If the company uniform was what I liked, my life might be different? I don’t know…:p

Disclaimer: Tokyo Kawaii TV is a TV program owned and broadcasted by NHK Japan, and has nothing to do with this blog.

***There are archives of episodes listed under the page titled “Tokyo Kawaii TV” that is just located under the title banner of this blog.
***If you want to know the music that was used in the episode, please refer to this page and help yourself to find it by selecting the date when the episode was on air in Japan.

How to make Chikuzenni

4 Oct

Today’s recipe is Chikuzenni (stewed vegetables).

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