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How I learned English (3) -hardships in the U.S-

28 Sep

I’d like to complete this subject with my video blog, because I found it’s easier to explain than I do it by text.
If you are new to TKE, this is the third post about How I learned English, after these posts.
How I learned English (1)-When the Japanese learn English, what do we find difficult?-
How I learned English (2)-Listening worked!-

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How I learned English (2) -Listening worked!!-

24 Sep

Sorry, it took me some time to write up a continued post from How I learned English (1). In the previous post, I explained how different the language is between English and Japanese and hence I had a hard time learning English for the first time when I was 13. I still have to conclude that our English education was very unnatural, although it a language that people are using everyday for communication, which must be done from different approach from a subject such as math or physics.

I wonder why we were not allowed to learn it naturally, just like we naturally learned Japanese. At school, we learned English like we would learn a formula or something. I’ll give you an example.
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Mori Girl Style

22 Sep

Apple‘s new post about Mori Girl!!
===Apple’s post starts from here===

When Mori Girl first appeared on the scene, I must admit that I was charmed by the soft, sweet, natural look of the Mori Girl, but I felt it difficult to replicate such a unique style with all its little details. I was never good with accessories, and I felt that to be a perfect Mori Girl, the accessories matter.

Before I continue on about Mori Girl style, let me explain what is Mori Girl.
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Sand bath experience in Tokyo

18 Sep

It’s been a while since my terrible enzyme bath experience. But I like to try out something interesting, especially when it has something to do with beauty! So this time I experienced sand salt bathing in Tokyo. You may wonder how I find out the place. It’s Groupon. It’s sort of my pleasure to find a good deal from a website like Groupon or Travelzoo. My friends from Tokyo say that such aspect of mine is like Osakan rather than Tokyoite. Maybe true, I like Osaka in some ways. ^ ^;;

It’s located in Sasadzuka, Tokyo. It’s in a multi-tenant building. I wouldn’t feel like going up if I only passed nearby this building…^ ^;;

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How to make Sukiyaki

14 Sep

Today’s recipe is Sukiyaki!

Click below to read inside the post.
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I'm back from Singapore!

10 Sep

I just came back from Singapore last evening. Let me take some time to read your comments to my previous post. Meanwhile, I’d love to share with you some casual videos that I made in Singapore. ^ ^

I hope to be able to stay longer there so that I can see more friends next time. Many thanks to my Singaporean friends. My husband and I had a good time there!! 😀
My dream is to travel various cities in the world and see more friends from TKE blog. We feel so close when we are online, but physically we cannot see each other easily…it’s a pity. I’ll miss my Singaporean friends, but I also hope to see them again when they have a chance to visit Tokyo in the near future! 🙂

Till next time!

How I learned English? (1) -When the Japanese learn English, what do we find difficult?-

5 Sep

I know there are still a lot of topics that I can write about, because I have a list of posts that TKE readers requested. ^ ^ So today’s topic is how I learned English (1). It’s about what it’s like for the Japanese to learn English, rather than how I learned it. (It continues to a next post in which I am sharing how I learned English. )

It’s been years since I started to use English at work, but I still have to conclude that it is very difficult for the Japanese in general to be capable of communicating in English freely. As you already know, we don’t use alphabet when we write in Japanese. Romaji (romanized Japanese words) is used only for convenience, but don’t misunderstand it’s not a proper way. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are the letters we use and and none of them look like alphabet.

But learning alphabet is not a big deal compared with learning Kanji. ^ ^; We’ve already learned it when we learned Romaji at an elementary school. I think what puzzles us most is how English sounds. Well English grammar is also completely different from Japanese one. So there’s no doubt we get confused with English grammar. But our education system somehow stresses reading, writing, grammar and memorizing words and idioms more than listening and speaking. Thus many students are left without being able to understand what’s spoken in English properly, while at the same time they remember some very difficult English words that are not normally used in a daily conversation. ^ ^;;

Speaking of my own experience…
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