TKE Giveaway 2011

30 Jun

Hi everyone who enjoys reading TKE blog.
It’s time for the Giveaway 2011. First of all, thank you for those who kindly suggested to me what kind of prizes might be good the other day.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before you enter the contest.

=TKE Giveaway 2011 Guidelines=

Open: Thursday 30th June 2011 (This means if you read this post, it’s started!)

Close: Thursday 14th July 2011 at midnight (Japan Standard Time)
*The announcement of the winners will be around 16th-18th July or so.

How to enter: Fill out the contact form with your name, email address and subject as “TKE Giveaway 2011” and your answers to the following questions. (Your URL is optional, which doesn’t really matter.)

Questions for you to answer
1) Do you have any problems when you browse TKE blog? (for example, it takes too much time for loading.)
2) What kind of post/category/page do you like most in TKE blog and why is that? *Multiple answer is OK. (for example, Japanese foods and Pi-chan.)
3) Are you interested in learning Japanese?
4) (If you’re learning Japanese) Do you prefer some posts both in English and Japanese?
5) Any suggestions to improve TKE blog?
6) Which do you prefer: Reading TKE blog or watching video blog on Youtube (assuming that I update more videos.)
(What do you honestly think of the idea that I less frequently update this blog and more active on Youtube instead?)
7) Which prize do you want if you win the contest?

What you can win?: See below.

***Please note your personal information is NEVER shared with anyone else, and the collected infromation is only to be used for this contest and should not be used for any other purposes.

Q. Who can participate in the contest?
A. Anyone who read TKE blog can. πŸ™‚

Q. What is the prize?
A. There are 7 options you can choose from, if you win the contest. (See below the post for more about the prize.)

Q. Can I enter by leaving my comment on this post?
A. No. To enter the contest, you have to write to me. If the contact form didn’t work, please simply email kirin at (change at to @) with all the information required.

Q. Do I have to subscribe to TKE before I enter?
A. No, it doesn’t matter. Some people like to read through RSS, some like to Google “Tokyo Kawaii, etc.” Some bookmark it. It all depends what method you like to use to reach TKE blog. So I don’t want to insist that.

Q. How many winners?
A. 1) 2 winners for Best Contribution Prize. (USD 30+ worth)
(Each of them can choose 1 prize out of 7 options. I will make it flexible. For example, if one wants Japanese magazine prize, I can ask her which specific magazine she wants and I will get it for her.)

2) 1 winner for Thank You Prize. (USD 15 worth)
(Random pick up. No freedom and no flexibility of choosing the prize. However I will consider her No.7 answer and try to choose the goods from her preferences.)

Q. Who can win the Best Contribution Prize and Thank You Prize then?
A. 1) For Best Contribution Prize
It’s given to 2 participants who gave me the email that moved my heart/ gave me a big aha! moment/ most. Whether it’s positive or negative comment, if I find it a good opinion, the sender of the email will be the winner of this contest.

2) For Thank You Prize
It’s given to 1 participant selected by randam drawing.

Any more questions? Feel free to comment on this post or contact Kirin directly.
Good luck to you all!! πŸ˜€

Prize from 7 options!
note: Each picture is only the image or the sample. Actual prize is not always the same thing as the one in the picture. As discussed, if you win the Best Contribution Prize, you have a chance to discuss with Kirin what you want.

Prize Option 1: Kawaii character goods (such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Ghibli and etc…)

Prize Option 2: Kawaii zakka (such as Swimmer or 6% dokidoki or 300yen shop or Bleu Bleuet…you name it, there are just so many over here!)

Prize Option 3: Japanese magazine or book (such as KERA, egg, handcraft books and etc.)

Prize Option 4: Kawaii Bento box with chopsticks and Furoshiki (Furoshiki means a cotton cloth like this.)

Prize Option 5: Japanese toy, kawaii stationery or souvenir (such as cell phone strap, Fuurin, cute notepad, decoden goods, and etc.)

Prize Option 6: Japanese cosmetics (such as Dolly Wink, SBY, Canmake, and etc.) and hair accessory.

Prize Option 7: Kawaii socks, bag, or fashion item

I look forward to receiving many entries from you!
Thank you for your participation!
*(^0^)*(^w^)** GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!**(^w^)*(^o^)*


3 Responses to “TKE Giveaway 2011”

  1. Edith June 30, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    The give away ^-^, I am very exited about it.

  2. kirin July 2, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    Thank you for your entries!
    I'm receiving entries everyday! I'll print all the entries out, read them carefully and use them for a random drawing for Thank You Prize. ^ ^

    Please take your time, if you have not entered yet, as it closes 14th July 2011. You still have a lot of time!

  3. kirin July 5, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    FYI, let me tell you I cannot reply to each of your entry because I'll receive like over 50 emails (entries). I will read them very carefully to select the winners but sorry I cannot reply to each of the entry, which is just too much work. (>w<)

    So please don't worry if your entry is read or not. It's normal that you don't receive my replying email. ^ ^;;

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