Gift Show Tokyo 2010 autumn

12 Sep

For the possibilities of opening my own online shop in the future or helping my customer’s shops as a buying agent (buyer) in Japan, I sometimes go out to check out the International Gift Show that takes place in Tokyo. (You know I work for international people and companies who like to work with me. 😉 )

“Kokusai Tenjijo station” is one of the nearest stations, but actually there is a distance from it. It’s just convenient for me to use it than others. ^^;

This building is Tokyo Big Sight, the place for trade show and exhibition. (oops I thought it was “site” not “sight”!!) Last time I was here for Japan Hobby Show. It’s obvious there were a lot more people at Gift Show than Hobby Show. The scale of the show was big.

The sign with pink background and the illustration celebrating “70th” somehow makes me feel happy. I was not here for shopping. But it even looked something fun to me. :p

Here’s the reception at the east hall. This gift show was larger than any other shows because it uses up entire east and west halls. (Usually one show uses one hall and the other hall is used for other event.)

It was strictly prohibited to take pictures inside the site. I took only one from an escarater but sorry the picture is not very good after all. haha….^ ^;

It was fun to talk with suppliers and learn how they want to do business with us, buyers. Some makers allow us to place a purchase order from 1 piece, while others require 120 lots as a minimum order. Some set the minimum order over 15,000yen in the sum of wholesale price. That’s not bad! 😀

I found many familiar goods I saw at OUTLET or Francfranc or a department store just a few days ago. Looking inside the business and learn how it’s working is very interesting. 🙂 Having one’s own shop is not as hard as that used to be today, especially when it’s online shop.

To be honest, I was afraid any suppliers wouldn’t even listen to (let alone, deal with) buyers who don’t own their corporation. (This is quite normal in Japan. Our society is so uptight that self-employed business owners sometimes unwillingly establish their companies only because of that reason. At the same time, establishing a company in Japan costs way too much, and our tax system is way too complicated.) But they were more flexible. But I want to establish my company someday, because I have so many businesses I want to do, and I want to have buddies to work with me on each project. Maybe I’m getting bored of 1-woman-operation by now? :p


2 Responses to “Gift Show Tokyo 2010 autumn”

  1. Apple September 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

    WOW!!! This sounds so exciting! I wish I were there! It is something I'm interested in too! Haha! Hope your dream comes true soon!!! I want to be there to help! haha! ^^

    • kirin September 13, 2010 at 4:19 am #

      Yes, this kind of experience also works for our dream! 😉

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