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How to get snapped on the street

29 Jun

How To Get Snapped On Street
12/NOV/2008 on air

Being snapped on Tokyo street and how fashion trends are created…

Street snap = “sutosuna”
Jingumae clossing is the hot area for sutosuna. Shooters are watching people passing on the streets for sutosuna hunting!
Sutosuna is one of the most popular features for fashion magazines to have. But it’s not easy to be hunted by them from such huge crowd of people in Harajuku. So many people want to be hunted for sutosuna!

3 guys who want to be hunted for sutosuna gathered. Murayama-kun wants to make his debut in the show business from sutosuna experience. Tsuto-kun takes 4.5 hours by Shinkansen to come to Harajuku once in every month only to get snapped on the street, hopefully. He usually works at a local factory. His fashion is so outstanding in his town. 140,000yen is his net salary per month but he uses most of it for apparel from Harajuku. Nishii-kun is a Rouninsei (a graduate who, having failed a university entrance exam, is preparing for one next year) living with his girlfriend. He studies 8 hours a day and works for the rest of the day to make living. He wants to have more girl friends.

Tsuto-kun was successfully snapped by a lady’s fashion magazine.
Nearly 100 fashion magazines are issued in Japan, and each of it has its own sutosuna pages. There are even magazines that are only for street snaps. It’s a good idea to check out street snap magazines for new idea. Street snaps reflect real trends from street. Watching Harajuku streets gives us a lot of new ideas. The apparel shop “e.a.p” refletcs their sutosuna experience to their new items as soon as possible. Even at a university there is a study group of sutosuna. Watanabe-san, the leader of the group has been studying sutosuna for over 15 years realized something very interesting. The cropped pants seen from 2007 Paris Milano Collection were found at Tokyo street half a year ago. The marine look from 2007 Spring Summer Collection was also found in Tokyo street a few months ago. Watanabe-san says, “There are many foreign desiners who are interested in Japanese street fashion. There’s no doubt they get the idea from Tokyo street.”

Yamaguchi-san, the star of Harajuku sutosuna, has been snapped 20 times in 2 years. His fashion and hairstyle is so unique. He must know the secret of getting snapped on the streets. He wears 10cm-heel sneakers that he designed by himself. His room is stuffed with his clothes, shoes and accessories. He even wears skirt since he was a high school boy. “Men can be beautiful, too, why not?” He takes photos of himself in the bathroom of Isetan department store.

Two people from Brigit are professionals of sutosuna hunter. They advise that walking too fast is not likely to be hunted for a snap. Usually fashion magazines will be published a month later from when pictures are taken. It’s nice to dress as you would a month later.

Yamaguchi-san helps Nishii-kun, and Bridgit team helps Tsuto-kun so they can highly be snapped on the street.
Tsuto-kun was finally snapped, but what was wrong with Nishii-kun? Mr. Ikki and Beni-chan asked the reason directly to the shooters there. “He was too fashionable for the readers of their fashion magazine to copy.” While the reason why Tsuto-kun was snapped was because his fashion was easy for the readers to copy.

Street snap from Harajuku is available now online at Style from Tokyo. The blog is by Shito-san, the queen of street snap hunter. She is looking for people who know their charm and so how they can dress better to make the most out of it.

Kirin’s opinion,
Do you remember Yamaguchi-kun? He was a frequent sutosuna model on fashion magazines to begin with. It looks like it’s not easy to walk with 10cm-heel sneakers when someone wears them for the first time. ^ ^

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FlutterScape = cool stuff from Japan

27 Jun

Have you checked out FlutterScape before?
I’ve read about it here and there and I finally joined them as a seller the other day!!
I’d quote a post from Tofugu that explains things better than I will do so from scratch. :p

So basically it’s a marketplace where sellers who live in Japan and buyers overseas meet. I wanted to have a chance to sell kawaii stuff from Japan but eBay was not my thing. I opened my account but somehow I didn’t feel like joining them. It’s just too huge and too complicated for a person like me who is not familiar with online auctions. Then what about FlutterScape? To me, it seemed to be less complicated, family atmosphere that sellers and buyers exchange comments so casually each other just like on blogs, and more over it was run by a Japanese guy and their office is in Shibuya where I can easily visit if I needed to do something off-line.

I also once thought of making an opportunity for you to be able to purchase Decotti from me when I made my first Decotti making video but my problem was how buyers can feel comfortable about paying everything in advance when they don’t know me very well. It’s good to have a corporate agent inbetween the sellers and buyers who don’t know each other.

That’s the background I decided to join them as a seller at FlutterScape.
As always, I can be easily confused with new online systems and services, at FlutterScape, even though it’s rather simple, my confusion occurred almost exclusively. I had to keep asking questions to the staff, and meanwhile I made a first sale the other day! I was allowed to drop off the parcel at their office in Shibuya. I needed to go to Shibuya anyhow to buy some cosmetics that day, it was nice I could do both at a time. Moreover, Mr. Kakiyama, the CEO of FlutterScape was so nice he invited me to join his dinner with his colleagues and his loyal customer from the UK who’s visiting Tokyo on vacation. It was fun to see them in person off-line!

I’ll keep uploading cool stuff and kawaii stuff from Japan on my account at FlutterScape, but you can also request specific items from Japan. All the other sellers have very interesting and cool stuff that you can enjoy shopping or even only browsing. BTW, if you want to deal with me directly because you trust me and you like me so much (lol) just contact me. I am available for you at several ways from here, Tokyo. 😉

Casual onsen trip to Ito

25 Jun

While ago my husband and I went to onsen that is only 2 hours or so from our place. At that time we didn’t take Pi-chan. It was nice to be with her, but at the same time I found that I was always concerned if she feels good, if she needs to go to No.1 or 2, and I was very tired from the holiday after all. I wanted to go to onsen anyhow before it gets too hot and humid.

At that time when we went to the onsen, the weather was OK compared with the current one. Right now it’s in the middle of rainy season called “Tsuyu” in Japan. The temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius, humidity maybe around 60-70%. Here comes my least favorite season! Tsuyu lasts for a month, and then summer comes that is about 35+C (even at night it’s around 30C) and very humid. We basically cannot live a comfortable life without air-con in summer. It’s hot by the end of September. *depressed* I hate summer more than any other seasons if I have to stay in Japan. It was the last chance for me to visit onsen that time, because I will not be able to enjoy onsen when the weather is so hot, no matter how much I love it. 😦

A fish shop that looks nice, which we found on the way to the inn. But souvenirs such as fresh fish should be the last thing to buy at the arrival.

Before we decided what to eat for lunch, I couldn’t think of anything but Unagi since I smelled the smoke of grilling Unagi! My husband always says “Whatever you like, I really don’t care.”

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Deco clothing

24 Jun

Putting a little deco sticker on clothes is easy and it’s popular in Japan now. Unlike decoden or sweets deco crafting, it doesn’t require high skills. I’d like to share my first deco clothing experience video that I took while I was playing with it the other day.

There are basically 2 ways of deco clothing.
1) Use iron-on type of deco sheet just like above.
2) Use glue for clothing and adhere rhinestones one by one.
As I wanted to experience both, I bought both of above. I will see if the sticker is durable against wash and then I will add pink small rhinestones one by one inside the star later.

It just made me worry because the rhinestones on the edge were not sticky very well. 😦 I think I was spending a lot more time than 20-30 seconds. (I also cut off some parts of the video to be edited no longer than 10 minutes.) I suspect it was because of the thickness of my pants.

But I’m relieved I’m finished finally with the bling-bling star deco on the back pocket of the pants! 🙂

Greetings in Japanese

22 Jun

I sometimes question myself if there’s any point that I have to make learning Japanese videos by myself when there are so many free videos and lessons available online. But at a moment I’m doing this as per request or when I think it’s easier than I explain by text. In other words, if you request that you want me to make such and such video about Japanese, I’ll do that for you by first come first served basis. 🙂

Today it’s about greetings in Japanese. For those who study intermediate or advanced Japanese, greetings sound too easy. But I’m trying to refer to the cultural background of why we say so. Well actually it can be said to any posts of this blog. For example, those who are not interested in fashion can also enjoy Tokyo Kawaii TV for example because it refers to something more than fashion. (Some of my blog readers try to watch it without reading my English summary in order to practice listening Japanese spoken at a natural speed, and then read my English summary for better understandings.)

Kotodama…Kotodama thoughts from wiki
We think this way. Speaking out “Ittekimasu” means that the kotodama protects that person, because he said itte (going) and kimasu (coming back safe and sound). Thus speaking ill of others or speaking out negative things will be harmful in terms of Kotodama thoughts.

Finally, I’m trying to modify Learn Japanese page. As a native Japanese speaker, what do you think I can offer to you in this blog? Answering questions from time to time is not very proactive. I want my “Learn Japanese” page as active as other pages such as Health and Beauty. But I cannot come up with the good questions myself because I never learned Japanese as a second language or a foreign language. It’s a mother language, I don’t know what you find hard or confused. Do you know what I mean? It’s just like that I am often confused in English especially between “a” or “the” or no article needed. Singular or plural, prepositions such as “on” or “in” and “in” or “at”, possessive pronoun such as “our” or “their” or nothing needed…^ ^; At first I was having hard time understanding be type of verb and other verbs. ^ ^;

Please help me improve my Learn Japanese page. Your comments under the comment section or opinions and suggestions from contact page are highly welcomed. Thank you for your participation. 😀

Shop Girls as fashion leaders

20 Jun

Shop Girls
5/NOV/2008 on air

Do you want to work as a shop assistant at a famous shop in Tokyo? Look how severe it is.

What are they saying? I can tell you…
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Best-selling Japanese cooking tools today

18 Jun

I’d like to share the following videos that feature 10 best selling kitchen tools and machines (somehow food is included though) nowadays in Japan.

Top 10-5

No.10 Cookingoo 2980 yen

No.9 Magic Cold Plate 3675 yen

No.8 Shuttle Cheff 21000 yen

No.7 Chili oil 400 yen

No.6 Liquid miso 368 yen

No.5 Cotton Candy Maker 15750 yen

Top 4-1

No.4 Crepe Maker 6720 yen

No.3 Tajine Nabe 5250 yen (*It’s from Morocco. Their healthy pot best matches with our food culture.)

No.2 Acrylic Nukazuke Meijin 6900 yen

No.1 Lukue Steam Case 5250 yen

Did you find anything interesting? I have a similar type of silicon-made case as No.1’s. But it was cheaper and not that famous as Lukue. As a result, I saved some money then but I cannot find as many recipes as Lukue now. 😦 In the future I may want to buy No.2’s Japanese pickles maker. It looks quite hassle-free. I like Japanese pickles but I didn’t want to make them by myself because it really smells bad and I have to stir the rice-bran paste in the pod everyday. I was seriously thinking that I’d rather give up eating the pickles if I have to put up with the smell and labor. No.3’s Tajine Nabe was already very popular in the winter, but I don’t have it yet.

Even if how good tools and machines are available in the market, my biggest problem is that my kitchen is very small. I have no room to store these. I even give up a bread-baking machine only because I have nowhere to keep it in my kitchen! (T_T)

The chili oil at No. 7 is so popular it’s always out of stock.