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Kawaii Sports Casual Fashion

29 Apr

Kawaii Sports Casual Fashion
5/DEC/2009 on air

Jogging is becoming popular especially among young women today. However, what’s important to them is not to run faster, but to run in kawaii jogging apparel. Running skirt, abbreviated as “ransuka” in Japanese, is definitely a must item for “Bi-jogger” (bi=美=beautiful + jogger) in Japan. They like to wear running shoes or cap color-coordinated with the sportswear. Major sports brands that noticed this “Bi-jogger” boom started to release fashionable sportswear collections one after another. adidas for example, offers customized shoes with so many color variations that enable as many as a couple of hundred-billion-combination patterns.

People like to get sports shoes designed by famous athletes. Rie Hasegawa is a Japanese fashion model who is also well-known as an original Bi-jogger. She completed the Honolulu marathon 9 years ago. She says kawaii outfits will be great motivation for the those who do sports.

It’s not only jogging that cute outfits are remarkable. Kawaii sports casual fashion is required for mountain hiking, cycling, golf, and etc.

Popular Chinese models from Beijing visited Tokyo Kawaii TV to explore cutting-edge sports casual fashion that is hot in Japan.

Satomi-san is a charismatic bi-jogger who is well-known as a twin jogger. Her sister and she has been reported on Japanese fashion magazines very often and they are invited to various kind of marathons nowadays. However their goal is not to make a good record or improve it. It’s how beautifully they finish. Satomi-san carries a puff to correct her makeup at 1km behind the goal, because she wants to impress herself as beautiful as possible when she reaches goal where many people should be watching her. She is a mom to a baby girl. She runs with a buggy especially designed for jogging.

Chinese models liked Japanese kawaii jogging clothing, because it’s outstanding, kawaii, and fashionable.

A golf outfits brand that targets women in their 20s and 30s in Kobe is studying young lady’s fashion very seriously. Designers watch young female golfer fashion very carefully at golf practice ranges and golf courses day after day. The leader of the design team says, “It’s important for men to have high score or to win the game, but when it comes to women, they are more interested in being eye-catching among the crowds. Visual effects or physical appearances are very important to them. That’s why we have to pursue function as well as kawaii at the same time!” He visits Shibuya109 every month to check out the young lady’s fashion from which he can hit a good idea for new collections of his golf brand. DURAS is a golf fashion store especially for those who like gyaru fashion.

Fashion magazines also like to feature biker’s fashion. Sabu-san is a stylist specialized in bike fashion. He owns a couple of bikes and 30 pairs of sneakers to coordinate with his bike. One of his bikes is handmade from the U.K, and it costs 600,000 yen! (about USD6000)
The bike store he visited deals with apparel specialized for bikers. He coordinates for a Chinese model and pointed out the fringe is cute whenever she pedals her bike. He says that bike fashion is also OK for clubbing. Chinese models are convinced that it’s kawaii and cool.

Mountain climbing skirts are so kawaii that girls started to try casual trekking with the skirt on. Before Yuri-san introduced this skirt, it was boring pants style only available for mountain climbing in Japan. She likes to have both function and trend at the same time. Her primary business is a teacher of Kimono-wearing classes. She changes to “Yamasuka” (Yama=山=mountain + skirt) style after work picking out from as many as 40 skirts. It was New Zealand that she first met skirt style for mountain climbing. Since then she’s studied Yamasuka style so well that she’s become a Yamasuka designer now who designs for some international outdoor brands. It’s a big chance for Yamasuka fashion brand to increasing customers by attracting people who never experienced mountain climbing or never interested in it before.

Yuri-san, Mr. Ikki, Beni-chan and a Chinese model are choosing the best Yamasuka coordinate at an outdoor store in Shinjuku.
It was too much check and border that is not well coordinated after all, but skirt style was also fresh to the Chinese people there.

Kirin’s opinion:
I personally liked the bike fashion that the Chinese model was wearing! The pink x black dot and sky blue coordination is so cute!! It can be daily outfit not limited to bike fashion. I’d choose black leggings to coordinate with the black dot instead though. Kawaii sportswear outfits are somewhat expensive. I like to browse Oshman (although I am not good at sports at all) but never really decide to purchase something from there unless they are on sale. haha…^ ^;
If I buy sports fashion, I want something that I can also use as daily clothes. What do you think? Do you care for sports fashion when you do sports?

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Goodbye Kabuki Theater

27 Apr

When I live in Tokyo, I don’t feel like visiting Tokyo Tower. That is exactly the same as my Singaporean friend who doesn’t visit Merlion and my Belgium friend who’s never visited Grand Place in Brussels. Many Japanese people especially young people do not pay much attention to traditional Japanese art, music or performance. Of course I don’t say every Japanese, but many of us are more interested in pop culture or subculture that are hot now.

I’ve never ever been interested in Kabuki in my life, and I have to confess here that I’ve never watched it and I don’t know anything about it, except for some Kabuki stars that appear on TV commercials or tabloid show that I hardly watch. I should be ashamed of this as a Japanese, but I will be honest to you, I’ve never been inside Kabuki theater in my life, nevertheless I have passed through it several times. :p

Now this traditional and historical Kabuki theater is to be demolished for renewal. I must have been so indifferent since it was reported a few years ago.
But now I regret I didn’t ever take time thinking of watching Kabuki in this historical theater before demolition, as it’s too late now to get a ticket for Sayonara (goodbye) performance that will be over on 28th April. (That’s tomorrow!) When I passed through the Kabuki theater last weekend, there were so many people taking last pictures while it’s still there. It’s said Wednesday 28th April is the last day for the performance and Friday 30th April is the very last day for closing session.
The renewed Kabuki theater will be open 2013. Shinbashi Enbujo is replacing until then.

Now Tokyo Tower is also replaced by Tokyo Sky Tree.
I don’t know if Tokyo Tower remains, but I should not make another mistake in case it’s razed in the future.

It’s a bit sad we have to lose historical architectures like this, while they are preserved and still used in Europe. 😦

"Questina" is a Hello Kitty shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

25 Apr

★Hello Kitty Store in Tokyo★
address:4-1 Nishi Ginza Department store 1F, Ginza Chuuouku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3566-4060
open: 11:00am -8:30pm (Mon, Tue, and Sat.) 11:00am – 9:00pm (Wed, Thu, and Fri.) 11:00am – 8:00pm (Sun. & national holiday)

I had a chance to drop at the “Questina” or an exclusive Hello Kitty shop in Ginza the other day. Last time when I passed in front of the store it was too late at night and they were almost closing. I have known this store but somehow I didn’t have a chance to take a deep look inside it until this day.

Wow~ look at this! A Hello Kitty statue totally decorated with Swarovski stones is located at the entrance and it costs almost 700,000 yen (about USD7000)!!

Also a Hello Kitty deco bike at the left that also costs over 700,000 yen! Wow, who can afford them…(lol) but it was good they allowed me to take these photos. (It was not OK to take other pictures of Hello Kitty deco items in the store.)

Inside the store, it was composed of 3 parts.
1) Bling bling deco goods sales space that is a JV with “Bling Me!” deco store that I also have introduced under Marui Curren.
2) Hello Kitty general goods sales space.
3) Hello Kitty nail salon.

Many Hello Kitty items created from collaboration with other brands. The above photo is Hello Kitty collaborated with Porter Yoshida, one of my favorite bag brands!

It was Saturday and the nail salon was full of people who got Hello Kitty nails!

Outside the store, there was a Hello Kitty flower selling space especially set for Mother’s Day. The Hello Kitty flower arrangements are so kawaii but of course it’s not cheap. haha…^ ^; It’s too expensive for me when I consider they are dying in a week or so.

Well I can see how people like this store, because it’s always full of new Hello Kitty goods for young adults. I like Rilakkuma but it is not this popular. I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty but what I like about Hello Kitty is that they see what adult women like. 🙂 This point of view is something very important now that kawaii is not only targeted for kids. If you like Hello Kitty, don’t forget to check out this store in Ginza or I can say JR Yurakucho station.

English/Japanese bilingual comics

22 Apr

I happened to find some bilingual comics at a book store the other day.

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Lesportsac pouch for 1200yen

19 Apr

Fashion magazine with freebie or fashion catalog with freebie is everywhere now in Japan. It’s always fun to browse them at book stores to see how cute they are. 😀 But I have never purchased any magazine that comes with freebie yet, because so far nothing was so appealing to me yet. Cher eco bags are so cute I have thought of getting them easier from their catalog and freebie set, but there are always way too many people who have the same bags around Tokyo. ^ ^;

Then you’d say the same thing can be said to Lesportsac pouch that is sold with their spring summer collection catalog (magazine) for 1200 yen, but I couldn’t resist it since I was inspired by my Singaporean friend. It’s funny she told me she got it before I noticed it in Tokyo. (lol)

So this is my first freebie from magazine.

There were actually 2 other patterns but I liked “Robin Egg Dot” best. XD

Inside the magazine, the pouch is installed like this. It’s attached on the last page, a little bit heavy paper.

I have noticed something was wrong. You may not feel it from this picture but when I look at it well, the pocket on the outside of the pouch is sewn at an angle! It’s so obvious that should not be possible as a Lesportsac even if it’s only 1200 yen (USD10 or so). I looked at the magazine to find out where to make a phone call to have it exchanged for a proper one. I kept calling the number on and on over 20 times but it’s been busy all the time. What’s wrong with this? 😦 Because of so many people with same problem? I don’t know…I will try to call them until I can get connected. 😦

Comparing with the purse I bought at Narita airport for 4500 yen! Almost the same size, but I found the fabric used for the freebie is not exactly the same as 4500 yen’s one.

Inside of the pouch. I really liked it if only the pocket is sewn well. 😦
What do you think? (@_@)

popular hairstyles in Japan now

17 Apr

These days hairstyles that include bangs are popular in Japan.
The most popular style of bangs is called “Yuruhime bangs” that stems from “Hime cut“. Look at the great job by the hair stylist!

What kind of hair styles do you like? I personally don’t like to follow the trends. I just like what I like. ^ ^

Celeb party

15 Apr

Celeb Party
10/OCT/2009 on air

A department store in Tokyo, at a grand opening, exclusively invited celebs are joining.
Without invitation, it’s impossible for Tokyo Kawaii TV to join the party.

Okada-san is a party journalist who interviews over 200 parties each year. She can attend any parties even without invitations.
Tokyo Kawaii TV made it possible to join one of the exclusive parties in Tokyo only by following Okada-san. It’s a party held by Bacardi. Look at the gorgeous party foods! Their aim is to ask celebs and influential opinion leaders to have the foods or the products they have or see at the party and to make word-of-mouth communication to the rest of the world. The highlight of the party is a show by Dita Von Teese who came to Japan only for the show.

Mr. Ikki and Beni-chan are invited to “Shibari party”. What’s “Shibari party”? It’s a sort of casual party that has specific dress code. This time the dress code of the party is animal patterns and a hat. Mr. Ikki and Beni-chan go shopping without their stylists so they decide what to dress at the party.

There are various kinds of “Shibari party” in Tokyo. At a Gothloli -shibari party, they enjoy a gothic band live show but what’s most fun to them is to show off his or her party fashion one another. At a cafe in Shibuya, people are holding pajama party. Especially working people at their 20s like this loose atmosphere. Belly dance -shibari party costs 2500yen and they enjoy dancing and eating Persian cuisine.

Beni-chan’s shopping at Shinjuku ALTA.
Mr. Ikki’ shopping at CA4LA where he found an wallet made of ray skin.

Party business is starting and growing. While party dress shops are opening in some department stores, dress rental shops are opening one after another where we can choose dress, shoes or bags from the latest collection of the top brands. For example, a dress that’d cost us 1,000,000yen can be something reasonable when we rent it. Total coordination from the top to the bottom rented for 1 night 1 day costs us 20,000yen. With additional charge, we can get hair make done. It’s easy, and we can get there directly after work, and within 1 hour we can be a party girl.

A party accessory shop
Cute finger foods for party are cool. They don’t need forks and knives but they can be full-course meal from appetizer to dessert.

A charismatic dokumo Okuda-san is a starter of “Shibari party”. Her parties have been interviewed several times and through fashion magazines “Shibari party” has become popular among young girls. Shibari party is easier because of specific dress code.

Yonehara-san has been working as a party photographer for over 30 years. He says party is the best place to learn what’s hot now.
Beni-chan was selected as a best of the animal pattern + hat -shibari party at the small party.

Kirin’s opinion:
It looks fun to have “Shibari party” but it should cost us a lot of money because we have to buy new items each time to observe the specifically determined dress code. haha…What do you think?

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