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I just want a quick eyebrow threading in Tokyo!

30 Mar

One of the great experience I had in Singapore was that I tried eyebrow threading for the first time in my life. It was a present from my friend, and I am quite satisfied with the outcome! When I found this technique from my guidebook, I was very curious and I wanted to make a reservation to the salon listed on my guidebook. At the same time though I was worried that my skin might be too sensitive and my trip would be very uncomfortable if it swells up against the rubbing threads. After all I was not encouraged to make a reservation or even inquire at the salon.

It was a big surprise when my Singaporean friend had a reservation on the day we see, and she allowed me to observe her receiving the threading. The technique was something I’ve never seen. I was still skeptical if it was not painful. I never imagined having myself done until she invited me. If you are unfamiliar with threading, here’s a Youtube video about it.

I wouldn’t say it’s 100% pain free, but it’s not that painful at all, and I quite liked what I’ve got!
Back in Tokyo, I wonder where we have threading salons in Tokyo – Yokohama area. When I Googled I found only a couple of salons in Tokyo, but what’s surprising most is the cost. I just want a quick threading only 10 minutes or so, but what they offer in Toko comes with unnecessary package from face wash to face pack! There’s no menu only for eyebrow threading!! Why? Those unnecessary package costs 6800 yen taking 1 hour, for example. It’s such a disappointment! I’ve checked out 4 or 5 salons but none of them offer just a simple quick threading. OMG why Japanese salons like to make it complicated, trying to make us spend more in average? I think I should look for a salon run by the non-Japanese who totally understand that I don’t need any extra service in exchange for extra money and time!


Bleu Bleuet General Store

30 Mar

★kawaii zakka★
Bleu Bleuet

various places in Japan

This is one of the cute shops I like to check out for no reason. ^ ^;

There are so many cute goods that I don’t actually need for my daily life. (lol)

Were they lip stick case or lighter case? I forgot, but just so cute!

Camera cases and a cellphone case.

It’s a tape measure case. ^ ^

More small mascots and small goods.
But I know I have no reason to carry them all, so I just enjoy browsing that’s all! XD

Peaceful Ohanami picnic with Pi-chan

27 Mar

Spring comes every year. It’s not a big deal if I miss Sakura season, do you think so? No. Cherry blossoms are somehow very special to the Japanese. We will never be bored of observing them no matter how many times we have seen them in our life. There are some Sakura forecast websites that forecast when cherry blossoms in your area will start blooming and when they will be in full bloom. Needless to say, I came back from Malaysia and Singapore not to miss the best Sakura season in Tokyo area. 😉

Many non-Japanese friends wonder where to visit to observe cherry blossoms. There are some websites that introduce the best locations to observe cherry blossoms throughout Japan sorted by the area. In Tokyo, Chidorigafuchi or Shinjuku Gyoen or Ueno Onshi Kouen have been popular for a long time, but these days new places such as Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, and Akasaka Sacas are also popular for good cherry blossoms’ views.

But actually cherry trees are everywhere. If you don’t feel like travelling to the crowds, just like me, you can have a casual ohanami (=viewing cherry blossoms) picnic near your house.

I just prepared casual rice balls and bento for us, and boiled carrot for Pi-chan, and we went walking her to the park only 3 minutes from home.

After a walk we had a lunch under Sakura trees, many of which were still buds, not bloom yet.

Pi-chan was so cute with her Sakura bloom charms on her ears. These are from dog hotel where she stayed while I was travelling to Malaysia and Singapore. It costs 3000yen per night for her to stay at a dog hotel. It’s a big amount of money, when I compare that I stayed at a budget hotel at 3500yen per night in Kuala Lumpur. 😦 The below picture shows the charm better. They are so cute I cannot take them off.

Oh, don’t worry we are not sharing our foods with her. She can get some pieces of boiled carrot. 🙂

So how are Sakura trees and blossoms?

You can see it depends on the tree, but none of them are in full bloom yet. I think around 1 week from today is the best. It was a bit windy today. Once it winds, we still feel it cold. It’s spring, but it’s just between winter and spring, to be exact. We kept walking with Pi-chan for another half an hour under Sakura trees. I had a nap with her for a while after we came back home. What a peaceful weekend, although it’s quite simple and ordinary. 🙂

Fashion Changes Life

25 Mar

Fashion Changes Life
24/OCT/2009 on air

Have you ever changed fashion before you actually changed your image or way of living?

Changing fashion can be changing his life. Kaneko-kun is a typical “lady’s man“, meaning a man who likes to wear lady’s clothing. He reads lady’s fashion magazines because he is too thin to wear men’s clothes. He even wears a wig to hide his curly hair by nature. But he wants to quit “lady’s man” for a girl he likes.

Haruka-chan is a Gyaru type of girl because her boyfriend likes it. But it’s impossible to keep Gyaru style and “Syuukatsu” (for the new graduates to apply for job openings) at the same time. To do job hunting, many of Japanese new graduates will dress like all the same. She is trying to graduate from Gyaru fashion, at the same time she is afraid if her boyfriend still likes her without Gyaru.

Oraora-kei men help Kaneko-kun change. Oraora-kei is quite opposite to herbivore men or lady’s men. Oraora circle with 16-18-year-old men are so popular among young girls. Oraora-kei fashion brands are sometimes similar to Huryo-kei (hoody) images as represented by the word “夜露死苦”(“Yoroshiku”…we usually do not use Kanji for Yoroshiku, but it’s only used among bad guys.) and modified school uniforms.

Tsuchiya-san helps Haruka-chan change. Tsuchiya-san is called “prince of the curly hair” He is so famous as a proposer of “Nagoya maki” curly hair style 10 years ago. Customers from around Japan visit his salon in Tokyo.

At a hime-kei fashion store near Nagoya station, shop assistants are teaching the customers how to make the latest Nagoya maki curly hair. While Nagoya is into curly hair, Osaka is into bling bling decorations. People from Osaka like glittering fashion and blinging items to wear. In fact 90% of people from Osaka have some kind of deco items. In the city of Osaka, we can find “as-many-as-you-like” sort of decoration stores that cannot be found in Tokyo. If we want to have this service to decorate a mobile phone, for example, we pay 10,000yen for the decoration parts of over 3000 kinds from which we can choose whatever we like as many as we want. There’s a luxurious deco car with as many as 300,000 pieces of Swarowsky that was made by 30 people working for 30 days. Deco artist is considered a proper job today. There are professional schools for them. Once a deco artist can receive orders constantly, she can earn 1,000,000 yen per month, according to the teacher of the school.

Kobe is a birthplace of “Dokumo“. Ogawa-san is not just a Dokumo but she has her own fashion brand and she also works as a fashion designer today. A student in Kobe who wants to be a Dokumo spares over 1 hour to choose the outfits to wear at school. She is trying to take next season into her fashion coordinate so her style can be eye-catching and appealing to the scounts anytime. Every night she works on making good smile by training muscles of the face. She joins Dokumo circle to collect information and advice from Dokumo friends, while she also checks out fashion magazines every month to see if any of them are looking for a new Dokumo.

Haruka-chan changed from Gyaru to Ojou-kei (princess-kei) fashion. Her boyfriend is a typical Gyaruo type of guy, but he said he didn’t dislike her just because she stopped Gyaru.
Kaneko-kun stopped lady’s man and he spoke to the girl he likes that he wants to go out with her, but she’s got someone she likes already. It was good however that he confessed his feelings to her.

Kirin’s opinion:
It’s easy to make use of fashion at the time when we want to change our images or thoughts. I think lady’s men are only for friends, not for boyfriends, though. How is it like that he wears smaller size than me? :p

***There are archives of episodes listed under the page titled “Tokyo Kawaii TV” that is just located under the title banner of this blog.

I'm back from Malaysia and Singapore!

23 Mar

Hi hi my friends! I’m back home safe and sound! I’m so happy to have been able to see my friends from this blog in person in Malaysia and Singapore! I’d appreciate so much for the time and help from the local friends while my stay in those places. 🙂

Back in Tokyo, what do you think I enjoy most and I miss most?
I enjoy the climate, the weather here. It’s spring with cherry blossoms starting to bloom! It’s not too cold, not too hot. 🙂
Actually I had a little bit of cold in Singapore after too much sweat and wet a bit in a heavy rain, and then into too strong air-coned shopping mall. Wow…how nice it is to be able to stay without air-con here.

I miss foods. Now I know why people say how foods over there are so good. To be honest, I never expected foods that much. What I saw in my guidebook never looked tempting to me. Especially “chicken rice” with white chicken (not grilled brown color) picture never made me feel like trying it. I cannot eat very spicy foods, which also made me scared of the local foods. Once I went to Thai restaurant in my place (Japan), I barely could eat anything after all. Some warnings from my guidebook also made me scared about the local foods. I mean warnings such as…possibility of getting diarrhea, dysentery, type A hepatitis, or cholera from foods or plates or tap water used to wash the plates especially from food stalls.

But the truth was different. The foods were terrific!! I wonder what my prejudice and all these negative images were! I have liked western foods so much so far, but I know I will get bored if I keep eating them. But when it comes to Malaysian/Singaporean foods, I was eating them at every meal from breakfast. I never felt like eating something else. I never missed Japanese or western foods, either.

Followings are some photos from my trip. Many people think that I am a Chinese or Korean student. (LOL) When I travel, safety is the top priority. My next task will be to learn Chinese or Korean to enjoy pretending myself! ^ ^ haha!

What do you call this drink? A plum was inside. It was good!

But I was scared to eat at food stall like this.

I could’ve tried food court like this, though. But I was too tired to stay there. To be safe, I mean, not to suffer from fever or heavy cold, I was having more sleep than hanging out by myself since I came back from Singapore. It was OK, as I was too busy until then.

Each food stall looks nice, but how about the kitchen? Is it hygienic?

But I tried hawkers in Singapore, because those places were where my friends took me.

After I took some photos at Merlion, it started to rain. It was too late when everyone started running! I had an umbrella with me, but the rain was too heavy.

I found many Japanese things in Malaysia. In Singapore I was so busy seeing my friends one after another that I couldn’t find any time for shopping by myself.

This is originally “Pocky” by Glico, but why “Rocky” in Malaysia?

Well…it was such a wonderful trip to both cities: Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I should’ve stayed in Singapore more because I had only a few hours per friend and I feel so sorry for that. 😦 It was however the moment that I felt all my efforts to this blog were paid off when I could finally meet my local friends. They are the friends from this blog who I will never be able to know if I didn’t start this blog. I hope I can get connected with world-wide friends thru this blog and I’d love to see them again in Tokyo if they are to visit here! 🙂

Dog Rental

21 Mar

While cats and rabbits are observed in the cafe, dogs are available for rent.

Pet shop “Candy” in Yokohama has a rental dog service. This kind of service is familiar to me as we have “Puppy the world” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Anyhow, the pet shop Candy offers the following price.
1050yen per hour
10500yen for 3 nights

Hmmm…this is quite reasonable when it’s compared with the one from Odaiba, I think. But the difference is that the Odaiba’s rental dogs were the specialists. (I once tried to rent a dog from them before I keep a dog.) They work as a rental dog, so they are not basically for sale. They are the selected dogs who can be friendly to any “customers”. They are well trained. But the dogs from Candy are basically for sales. Just like the old woman in the video, users who once rent a dog from this pet store will be likely to have a special attachment to the dog, and eventually they will decide to buy it. Wow, what a business!?

Whatever it is…I think it’s good to try something before we make a big decision. When we decide to live with a dog, we have to be committed to walk him or her everyday, and we have to take a great care of it no matter how we are tired or busy. Renting 3 days may not be enough to get all these things, but far better than without, if we cannot get the image of keeping a dog. Well, I may want to rent one from the store and see if she can be compatible with Pi-chan.

What do you think of rental dogs?
Are you familiar with such service in your country?

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 Spring/Summer and Tsubasa Masuwaka

18 Mar

I believe many young girls and especially Gyaru girls like Tsubasa Masuwaka. I’ve been asked by my blog readers about the availability of the Tsubasa’s producing items several times. Thus let me have a post on her with a quick summary of TGC 2010 S/S and Tsubasa-chan’s speaking part video.

Those who like Gyaru fashion adore Tsubasa. She has produced many kinds of items and whatever she produces sells so well. This has even become a social phenomenon called “Tsubasa Ure” (つばさ売れ) which brings her more offers from more companies. A business magazine “Nikkei Trendy” July 2009 features her successful planning and if you read Japanese, here is the interview post to Tsubasa Masuwaka why she can produce hot-selling products one after another which can be worth sales of 10 billion yen.

Any fashion related brands like to collaborate with her. In fact there are many Tsubasa’s producing items in Don Quijote such as lip cream holder, DollyWink fake eyelashes, CandyDoll cosmetics, and etc.
The eyeglasses, S-leg, and hundreds of others… Things introduced on Popteen are probably found at Don Quijote, as they have many goods for Gyaru to like to use.

If you ever want Tsubasa’s producing items, don’t fail to check out Don Quijote when you have a chance to visit Japan!

Songs from TGC video.

“Forever Love”/ by Shota Shimizu & Miliyah Kato

“Ai no uta”/ by Kumi Koda