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Hello Kitty special collection

28 Sep
hello kitty x tokyu I just encountered this cute event in Shibuya, Tokyo. Tokyu department store collaborated with Hello Kitty and they offer original Kitty goods only during 16th – 27th of September. I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty, but my mind is totally obsessed with the bling-bling mobile phone case as in the second photo that I actually took at the store. :p

As for the Hello Kitty nails, they are too cute and elaborate to be put on someone like me. I actually have never put nails like these. I just can’t do that because I put my fingers into my dog’s mouth to brush her teeth. But even without her, I don’t think I can live with stuff like this when I am busy doing house works and paper works. I’d rather spend this money for massage or nice dinner! But they look so sweet, indeed. ūüôā

I know Hallo Kitty fan is all over, and I’d love such an event to get the very original and memorial goods from each event if I were a big big fan of Kitty-chan. They have Hello Kitty jewelry, Hello Kitty bag, Hello Kitty underwear, Hello Kitty mirror, Hello Kitty jeans, Hello Kitty golf ball, Hello Kitty watch, as well as T-shirts, mug, sweets, shoes, and so on…

Do you think they are premium priced at online auction in the future? They can be, but I am not used to trading thru auction system. :p Just in case, let me tell you these are designed for adults. Yes, it’s Japan, we love character goods. XD

kitty mobile case
hello kitty x tokyu2
hello kitty x tokyu1

kawaii hat

25 Sep

kawaii hat
26/NOV/2008 on air

*This episode was missing from the list, but the content is from fall 2008, which doesn’t always mean what’s spoken inside corresponds with fall 2009.

30% of people in Harajuku enjoy wearing hats. Why they like to wear it? Because we can change our image or the atmosphere with just one hat.

Loro, a hat store in Shibuya is where anyone can find a hat that suits on him or her.¬† Most of the products in the store are handmade, yet they are around 7000 yen, not so expensive. Joyuubou, or actress hat got so popular. Actress would wear it low over her eyes to hide the face. This makes the face look smaller and of course people would not notice that person is an actress. When common people, just like us do the same, people might think that we are celebrity or actress. That’s how this hat became popular.

21-year-old fashion school student who belongs to hat and jewelry design dept. has collected as many as 50 hats. When she gets dressed, she chooses hat first then other clothing that look good with the hat.

Wearing a hat can make one’s face look smaller.

Knit cafe is so popular. Even middle-high aged men are into knitting.

“There should be no one that looks poor wearing a hat,” says Mr. Toshio Yoshizawa an owner of hat stores in the world. He says, when one thinks he doesn’t look good with hat, that’s only because he doesn’t know the good angle.
First of all, those who has big eyes especially look good with hat on.
Secondary, it’s cool to wear a traditional hat in a little twisted way.

He likes watching young people in Harajuku to consider what kind of hat is hot now, what shape of hat will look good on Japanese people, and so on. He has become so popular among Harajuku by now, but his store used to be in Ameyoko, Ueno (Tokyo) back in 1989.
He used to sell imported hats from the U.S, and this cashed in on the boom of so-called “Amecaji” (American Casual fashion) In 1997, he established his original brand saying good bye to the imported American hats. His company has grown so big now as to spread worldwidely. Mr. Toshio says, “I don’t hire serious-minded fellow. I like someone being crazy for music, for example. Backgrounds don’t matter at all!” His employees mention that Mr. Toshio will not care about the sales, he cares about if the hat is something outstanding or not.

Finally he says, “We look greater, as we get used to wearing a hat. It’s so true!”

Kirin’s opinion

I like hat, but I’ve never thought of selecting what to wear from the taste of the hat. I liked that idea, and in that way, there’s no wonder one has as many as 50 hats. It also sounds true to me that we look good with hat when we get used to wearing it.
But at first, I remember I was a little embarrassed to wear it.
Now, I’d wear it so often, but most of the case I do to hide my messy hair! (LOL)
How about you? Do you have any episode with hat?

I'm leaving for Europe!

21 Sep

I’m leaving for Europe and will be back early October. But I have reserved blog posts so that you can enjoy reading them even while I am away. But please understand your comment moderation may¬†need time to be approved, as I am not sure how often I will check emails there.

You may think that I am such a frequent traveler, I wish I were. :p¬† This year is something special. I have not been travelling abroad for the past¬†4-5 years. Flying to Europe from Japan is not easy. It costs me much money and I have to struggle with jetlag. I don’t like the long-hour flight, either.

BTW, let me accept my apology for any inconvenience you¬†may have had¬†these days¬†with this blog.¬† I found something was wrong with it, as it was not displayed correctly.¬† As for this error, I asked my host server to fix it yesterday, and so it’ll be no problem by now, I suppose…

My email address, the one in contact form, however, is not working properly at this moment, and I am trying to have it fixed.  Because of this, I am needing time to reply to those who emailed me during this period.  (I can receive emails but I cannot send them.) 

If I cannot have this problem fixed, I may not be able to send you emails from my email address for a while.¬† It’s so restless but I may have to leave tomorrow with this problem unsettled.¬† So please do not worry if you don’t receive replies from me for a while.¬† I am not ignoring your emails.¬† I am suffering from some technical issue.¬† (T_T) *crying*

Your name in Kanji

20 Sep

I made a simple video to reply to the comment from Amanda, and it tells you how it’d be like to have Kanji name. You can have any combination of Kanji that you like! Hope she likes my suggestion better than other options she had.

Enjoy your Kanji!

Your name in Katakana

18 Sep

Thank you so much for your comments to my Japanese video.  I was really wondering if I should ever start Japanese tutorial videos like this, although I have received requests from my blog readers from time to time.

I¬†found¬†comments from my blog readers sound so interesting, as I never know what you’d feel confused or difficult when you learn Japanese.¬† You know, when I mean I never know, which is because it’s a mother tongue to me and I am not a qualified Japanese teacher. But thanks to your opinions and comments, I think I know what¬†I should explain¬†in my following videos.¬†

BTW, I found an interesting Japanese site that lists foreign names (British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek,¬†Finnish, Russian and Korean) described in¬†Katakana!¬†¬†Now you know¬†why these are to be in Katakana, and not in Hiragana. ūüėČ

Your name in Katakana

*Press the flag. 3 flags for one country means; 1st one for male name, 2nd one for female name, and the 3rd one for family name.

Your name may not be there, as there’s no way the site can cover every name. You may also wonder how your name can be described in Kanji. This is a frequently asked question all the time, but I’ll spare a post on that for next time!

Enjoy your name in Japanese! ūüėÄ

hiragana and katakana

16 Sep

I made a simple video explaining difference of Hiragana and Katakana for those who study Japanese. I’ll make continuous series of such video to explain more. So please let me know what you want to learn from me.

Do you like DOMO or KERORO?

14 Sep
domokun I wonder if there are any other places but Japan where people like cute characters as much as Japanese people. I am not that much into character goods, except that I love Rilakkuma, but I think they are all so kawaii! Even Ultraman can be so cute when he turns to be a little soft toy! I happened to find this character street when I dropped at Rilakkuma store.

Tokyo Character Street is located in the basement of Tokyo station where you can shop following character toys.

-NHK characters, as represented by Domo-kun.
-Hello Kitty shop
-Snoopy shop
Rascal (I loved this anime so much when I was a kid! I miss it!!)
-Ghibli characters, as represented by Ponyo or Totoro.
-Fuji TV characters
-TV Tokyo characters, as represented by Keroro Gunso.
-TV Asahi characters, as represented by Doraemon.
-Nihon TV characters
-Jump shop with characters such as One Piece or Reborn.
-Ultraman shop
…and so on. So many cute character toy shops gathered at one location in Tokyo, which was just like another KIDDY LAND to me.



But I never expected Rascal shop. It’s an old anime. Are you familiar with Rascal?

When I was a kid, I had many kind of animals; bird, rabbit, hamster, dog…It’s not too much to say that I grew up with animals. They were always around me since I was very little. Now I can feel these great anime programs might have influenced that, as I really liked watching “Rascal” and “Flanders no inu (dog)” far more than girly anime such as Candy Candy.

Are they familiar to you, too? I heard many Japanese anime can be watched overseas. Well…I am totally off the track! :p If you find characters of your taste, Tokyo Character Street is another option!