Harajuku and Urahara shopping

29 Jun

Disclaimer: The map is originally from Tokyo Kanko Ryoko and red letters are marked by me for your better understandings.

Many of you have heard of “Harajuku” and can imagine what kind of place it is. Then how about “Urahara”? That means just ura (=back) + hara (=Harajuku). Compared with main streets such as Takeshita dori or Omotesando streets, Urahara is backstreets, as represented by Cat street.

If you have a chance to shop or browse in Harajuku area, I think most of you do not even step inside backstreets, because main streets are already full of shops, restaurants and cafes. But backstreets can be more unique, more interesting, and anyway they are sometimes something more than main streets.

Here are some related links for you to check out to imagine how the Urahara world would be.

Harajuku Cat street website
Tokyo Kanko Ryoko
Harajuku Urahara Mitegoran Guide
Urahara jp
Urahara org

These sites are in Japanese, but I believe you can at least enjoy pictures there. 😉

Have you been to Harajuku before? If yes, how did you like that? Which shop did you go and find what? When I was a teenager, my mom didn’t allow me to hang around Harajuku, because she said it’s a dangerous place for kids. Time has passed, and I’ve never had any dangerous happenings out there since my first Harajuku shopping in high school age. Now it’s a place too young for me to hang out but I still like to see people out there. 😛


6 Responses to “Harajuku and Urahara shopping”

  1. cin June 29, 2009 at 5:11 pm #

    wow thanks for this! i'll definately put it down as a place to go to during my japan trip! 😀
    btw i added you on twitter but i got my profile as private so i dont think you can see my replies ^^"

    • kirin June 30, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

      I noticed you also left me the message at the shoutbox when you added me on twitter, but as you say, I was not sure what to do with yours because you seem to have your tweets closed. I am not sure what to do with those who close tweets, so I just follow people who open tweets and link URL at the BIO. I'm not good at something unusual on the web because I'm poor at tech and new things on the internet. (-_-;)

  2. Megan July 1, 2009 at 4:07 am #

    When I went to Harajuku,I spent most of my time in Urahara. First I went to see the Design Festa Gallery, and I also visited Chicago, 6%DokiDoki, and several random stores that I saw when I was wandering around (like that Romantic Standard store that's in the pictures on the website where you got that map from). I really liked it, it wasn't very busy and there were a lot of nice, unique things there. I'll have to do more exploring next time–I feel like there is a lot that I missed.

    • kirin July 1, 2009 at 1:55 pm #

      It's fast in Tokyo that stores change. That means when you come here next time, you'll find new shops and stuff! 😉

  3. Sheena Macatol July 1, 2009 at 8:06 am #

    Hi Kirin! I never thought that Harajuku had that image… been going there when I was in 3rd and 4th Grade only together with my Egyptian friend. Back then it didn't seem that scary though there were also a lot of people during that time but they weren't wearing the weird clothes like the ones I see in tv. Gothic style and all other style. I think there's drastic changes that has happened there, last time I was there was 1994.. (*_*) hope to meet and see you someday during my trip there.

    • kirin July 1, 2009 at 2:05 pm #

      My mom was just scaring me because she didn't want me to hang around the city to cause any troubles, you know, she was a strict mom when I was a kid. So it was not dangerous, never ever been dangerous…hahaha
      You're right. Back in around 1994, Harajuku was not so unique as today, which was how I remember.

      You can always contact me personally from the contact form located at the right top under title banner, if you need to.
      So when you plan to come to Japan and feel like seeing me, please just do that, and I'll try to make it! 😉

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