Cheap kawaii bag can look more than as it's priced?

2 Jun

Bag Shopping Heaven
4/MAR/2009 on air

“Katakura bag” is a school bag of Katakura high school.
But somehow JK (Joshi Kousei, meaning high school girls) who do not even belong to Katakura high school like to use it when they go to their schools. Why? That’s because Katakura bag is cute with several color variation and it just makes them look as “JK”!

Do you remember Mori fashion? Sukuba-mori means overloaded decoration to highschool bag. (We like to abbreviate words. Suku from Sch(ool) and ba from ba(g), you know…)
Here’s a cute decorated Sukuba sample photo.

sukuba-mori-image Image photo is quoted from here.

Speaking of cute kawaii bags, they could be paper bags that we get at shopping. Here comes again, Shobukuro, meaning sho(pping) and bukuro (bag). CECIL Mc BEE prepared as many as 100 types of paper bag samples in 6 months until they determined which color/design bag for which store in what location. “Our customers have various tastes and their age also varies. That’s why we want to make things that still keep them satisfied.”

In fact, they change the paper bag design and color according to where the store is located. In Shibuya store, their paper bag is black and gold, while it becomes elegant white in Yokohama store, which is because their customers in Yokohama are rather office working women, unlike Gyaru in Shibuya. When it comes to Ginza, it turns to gorgeous gold with rare and expensive impressions.

Shobukuro is very popular at internet auction sites. (Note: Speaking of online auction, Yahoo auction is most popular in Japan. Not ebay!) Whenever we shop, we can get a paper bag for free. But Shobukuro such as hard to gain or very rare can be sold at high price like 1600yen and this is not unlikely happening here in Japan.

Mr. Ikki & Beni-chan guess how much the bags.
1) a bag mania boy’s bag that he bought 3 months ago.
2) an eco bag named “cher”
3) a pink bag of a young housewife.

Here’s the answer.
1)193,200 yen. The bag is made in Florence, Italy.
2)This bag is only for the people who make purchases at the cher shop to buy at the price of 840 yen. The cher shop has sold over 150000 pcs of it so far. Because it’s just so cute, they sold out number of bags in a single month that they had planned to do in 1 year.
3)800 yen. The girl is good at puchipura shopping.
(Here again, puchi meaning petit and pura as in pr(icing). So it means cheap!)

Cheap kawaii cute bags are nice. But we may want to have a good brand bag at some occasions, a formal party, for instance. Liberte&Noblesse in Aoyama, Tokyo is a company that offers a membership dress/bag/etc. rental service. They have high-class bag collections as many as 50 kinds with its price ranging from 300,000-400,000 yen (about US$3,000-4,000) each. A member can rent such luxurious items for only 3000 yen per item. (That’s how it is spoken in the show, but it looks more expensive when I read the webpage of this company.) Such service is getting popular in Japan these days, and similar services are available one after another just like this.

In average, how much do Japanese girls spend for a bag?
It’s 12,570 yen. Crystal Ball is a famous bag brand in UraHara. (Ura=back + Hara(juku) 😉 ) They have stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong, too. The average price is 17000 yen and they produce as many as 100 patterns per year.

Eco bag is also very popular in Japan. It’s said 68% of people have it.
The best thing is being ecological and kawaii at the same time.
There was a remarkable eco bag that drew attention in 2006 NYC. It was made in Japan, made of old newspapers. Even though it’s made of newspapers and glue only, it’s very strong and durable against 4 x Japanese radish.
The bag went so famous in the U.S, and it sold 5000 pcs per month.

Finally the episode ends introducing a university student entrepreneur Himiko-san. She created her bag brand collaborating with Japanese skilled artisans. The bag is totally handmade needing 1 week for production, costing 60,000-80,000yen each. She’s doing pretty successfully now that people queue to wait for several months to get it.

Kirin’s opinion:
Women love bags (shoes, clothes, and accessories, too).
Every time I’m obsessed with a new one, my hubby asks me “Why you need another one again even though you have many already?”
Men just don’t get that. :p I bought my dog (Pi-chan) somewhere very close to cher store in Tokyo. (It’s here, my Pi-chan is a Shih Tzu dog at the top right of the page.)
When I went to the cher store, there was a notice saying “Eco bag is only available for those who shop here! We do not sell eco bag as it is. Thanks.” 🙄 It has become that popular. Many people just come buy the bag only. The clothes were tagged high prices. I don’t feel like spending as much as US$100 or US$200 of equivalent money for only a shirt or something. Then I’d rather go to Forever21. Here’s another puchipura, hahaha!


7 Responses to “Cheap kawaii bag can look more than as it's priced?”

  1. Benjamin Cip June 3, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

    Konnichiwa Kirin! Is it your who uploaded this video? or you are using existing video and link them to your blog? Watching these Tv program make me remenber when I was in Japan! There are quite a lot of disney character's bag! Cho—kawaii I really like winny the pooh 🙂

    • kirin June 30, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

      Hi Benjamin. My friend uploads this video since there used to be videos of this series available on Youtube, but they are no longer. But on the other hand, there are many people looking for such Tokyo fashion information. I will have to stop this when I am asked to by the TV station.
      You like pooh-san, that sounds so cute! Cho—kawaii! Very nice! <SPAN class=idc-smiley><SPAN style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: -12px 0pt"><SPAN>:D</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

  2. Benjamin Cip June 8, 2009 at 4:21 pm #

    Yes I really do like pooh-san lol When I was in both Disney Land Tokyo and Disney Sea (next to Disney Land Tokyo) I couldn't help looking for pooh-san bears in the shop. I like winnie the pooh attraction in Disney Land Tokyo, it was funny. I was younger when I experienced this, now I don't know how I feel there.

    • kirin June 8, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

      Oh you've been to Tokyo Disney Land and Sea? I heard Disney Land is in France, too but not that much popular as the one in Japan. In Japan they are pretty successful. They stand out from all the other kinds of theme parks and they are very good at turning many of us repeaters! My friend used to buy yearly pass and she visited there very frequently.
      It has something to do with the key success factor that Japanese people love characters and cute things even if we get aged. Thanks for your further comment. 🙂

      Disney Resort is a special place we buy Mickey Mouse hat and Donald Duck sandals which we will never wear once we go back home. So it's natural you went crazy for Poo-san then. 😉

  3. Hanny October 1, 2009 at 2:06 pm #


    I want to know where in Tokyo that we can buy cheap prices on some blouses for working ?? plz reply thksss


    • kirin October 8, 2009 at 1:08 pm #

      Sorry for late reply. I know that. These days UNIQLO has blouses for working at reasonable price. (They have jacket and pants, too) I also know that SONY PLAZA or MINI PLA has blouses needing no iron and they were not expensive. If you don't care much about design, you can also try places like Ito-Yokado. You can also try men's suits store such as "P.C.FA" ( as they have lady's collection, too.

      You'll have to pay more if you go to department store such as Marui, Isetan, Lumine…etc. 😉

  4. jianing23 July 24, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    Hi Kirin-san! i love these TOkyokawaii TV videos! Thanks for the upload! i hope to see more in the future! 😀

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