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No more maid cafe, and now it's time for Megane cafe!?

30 Mar

I’ve updated eyeglasses fashionย at Tokyo Kawaii TV.ย  I’m also looking for the cutest pair for myself.ย  Please enjoy the show.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

A first trip with our dog, Pi-chan!

23 Mar
confused-pino We had a small trip with our 9-month-old female dog for the first time. Her name is Pino and we call her Pi-chan (P-chan, or just P) We chose to stay at a small hotel that accommodates people travelling with dog. Living in Tokyo means one can live without a car. Public train comes every 3 to 5 minutes. Bus runs very often. Distance between stations are not so far. Hence we do not own our car. We rent a car for the trip to Nasu, Tochigi prefecture, about 150 km north from Tokyo.

It’s been half a year since we started living with Pi-chan, and she is just like our baby because we have no kids. Places such as restaurants, hotels and entertainment facilities that allow dogs enter are limited. Besides that, it was the very first trip for Pi-chan to stay somewhere outside home for long hours, and I picked out places to go and stay very carefully, preparing against what if occasions. What if she vomits in the rent-a-car? We need some extra towels! What if she holds pee or poo because the environment changes? We’d better prepare her toilet! What if she gets hurt? Let’s check out the nearest animal doctor around the place where we will stay! What’s needed to use pet insurance if she has to go see the doctor? Wow! We were fully prepared for the trip so that Pi-chan will have no major problems.

As it turned out, she was pretty good without any trouble and she had first outdoor Onsen (hot spring) experience at the hotel. (Don’t worry! Hot spring for human and dog is separated, and we just take some hot water from our place and put it into her place, add some water so that the water temperature becomes suitable for dog.) The outdoor hot spring is located in the forest where we can hear birds singing and mountain streams while bathing. (I think I like hot spring or bathing so much. When I travel inside Japan, I will never choose anywhere without good hot springs.)

Pi-chan doesn’t like bathing. She always scares whenever she has to get shampooed. We just wanted her to get used to water and do not scare or get too nervous against grooming.

We had a relaxed scheduled trip in Nasu, where we visited a farm or a park, as well as some herb garden and nice restaurants. When we went back to Tokyo, however, capital freeway was jam-packed with cars, cars, cars…While my hubby was frustrated with the traffic, I was playing with taking ugly pictures of Pi-chan on the backseat. ๐Ÿ˜›


I've updated a new post about Character Love.

17 Mar

Do you like to have some kind of characters?ย  I like Rilakkuma, but I’m not a collector.ย  Well I’ve updated a page on “Character Love” at Tokyo Kawaii TV.
Here’s a link.ย  Hope you enjoy it, and I’ll be grateful if you let me hear what you think about “characters”.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Girls expect more on White Day.

14 Mar

q-pot-2009springDisclaimer: Photo quoted from Spring 2009 Takashimaya Accessory Book

metroq-pot1Disclaimer: Photo quoted from metropolitana

metroq-pot2Disclaimer: Photo quoted from metropolitana

White Day is a day when boys who received chocolates on Valentine’s Day return candies to the girls. This is an event exactly a month after Valentine’s Day and is popular in Japan and some asian countries, but not in other parts of the world, I guess.

As my husband recieved giri-choco, or chocolate for obligation from his co-worker, I have to go buy something to return to her for him. This sounds so ridiculous, and I don’t like this “obligation” part of the event. I think we just stop this stupid obligation rule (I have no idea who started this but nowadays this is sort of unspoken rule for anyone just follows for smoother relationships at working environment.) and enjoy the ture gift exchanges each other.Between couples, it shold not always be candies, and instead, we may exchange some nice gifts. Hence once Valentine’s Day’s over, department stores started to set White Day corner where they are dealing with cute accessories, jewelry, or something that are appropriate or attractive as White Day gift.

Here’s for example, where I found so sweet jewelry from Q-pot. Q-pot is a famous sweets motif accessory brand which has a main store located in Harajuku, and a branch store at Shinjuku Takashimaya as well. These days this confectionery designed items are very popular in Japan, but I think Q-pot is a starter. The jewelry in catalogue look so cute (kawaii), and if my husband is just a boyfriend, I might ask him to buy one for me. ๐Ÿ˜› But after getting married, we have to share economy & life. This means his buying something expensive for me results in making our financial situation worse. So I’d just prefer family trip (hubby, me and our dog) instead of kawaii jewelry now. So we’re planning the first trip with our dog, Pi-chan. ๐Ÿ™‚ More often than not, girls are clever. It’s just nothing for them to take time & effort to make handmade sweets for boyfriends on Valentine’s Day, compared to what she can get a month later, on White Day. ๐Ÿ˜›

Anime to live-action film, Yatterman & Dragonball

12 Mar

These days famous anime such as Yatterman or Dragonball are available as live-action film one after another in Japan. Actually many TV dramas are even originally from anime. But I wonder if live-action is any better than original anime. NANA or Death Note, for example, I prefer watching them with anime.

Yatterman live-action film looks like this.

Below is Yatterman original anime version, for your reference.
This is the one I was watching when I was a kid. This anime song just reminds me of my childhood.ย  BTW, Yatterman Gashapon is also cute.

Dragonball Evolution

It’s said Toriyama Akira, the author of Dragonball mentions that the live-action version will give quite different images to the audience. So it can be another version of Dragonball, which of course you can enjoy different way from you did with anime. It’s on release tomorrow in Japan.

dragonball-evolution ย 

Disclaimer: photo quoted from

polyvore was fun to me!

10 Mar

Although I’m always complaining that I have no extra time, I joined polyvore today. I try to be careful not to open a new account at a new SNS as often as I like, and instead I have to pick out some of them very carefully so that they won’t annoy my life any more.
Hence it took me a long time to join twitter, which I joined only some time ago.

Then why polyvore now? I don’t know. When I was dropping Entrecards, I happened to find polyvore. I’d known it for a long time but I also knew I had no time to make such collage for fun.
But when I casually made one as a trial, I just couldn’t stop it. And here I am, opening a new account with my trial work.
I kinda try to make one...
I kinda try to make one… – by junkeetใ•ใ‚“ on

The process of making it reminded me of my interior coordination + house renovation work that I was engaged until Oct. 2008. This was most fun part of process, next to planning.

So how can I make up with the time I played with this? ๐Ÿ˜›

Worst economy, more homeless people

6 Mar

homeless-from-today1 I like browsing book stores to see what’s going on in our society, what’s up and what’s hot, etc…In this blog, I am mostly writing kawaii stuff, fun things, and nice experiences to share with my blog readers. But these days I feel like writing the dark side of Japanese society as well, since I receive emails from young people who are eagar to move to Japan in the future, being totally obsessed with kawaii culture.

I know things are getting harder and harder in Japan due to economy recession that is strongly affected by the U.S subprime mortgage issue, especially since Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Japan is such a nation that is strongly supported by exporting business as represented by TOYOTA, too strong YEN causes critical damage to our market, economy, and our life in the end.

The other day, my eyes were caught by the book in the photo, saying “I become homeless today”. When I rougly read some pages, I found the people introduced in the book are originally working for a big named company and drawing a high salary. But something went wrong with them at some point in their life, which had quite a big effect from economy recession especially since last year. This book seemed to be published some time ago, but the reality spoken inside it is still “available” today.

Worst economy situation brings many homeless people, who try to make living by robbery, fraud, and murder. They never intended to be so. I just hope this darkest days will finally end and we recover from recession as soon as possible.