I've updated a new post about Tokyo Kawaii Summit.

19 Feb

These days I have this feeling that I want to work hard for this blog.  Why?  Maybe I just wanna run out of the poor day trading results of mine and I have found growing this blog to more professional level is much more fun, when compared with watching Nikkei 225 chart day after day… 😦

Once I started thinking of what I wanted to do with this blog, I’ve come up with several ideas which are more often than not too many to tackle with.  Lacking of internet related technical skills, needing a dictionary to make sure spellings and correct wordings, and covering several topics from kawaii to food and language all by myself is just too much.  ( I have a friend who helps me out for the HTML & CSS things, unless otherwise, this blog was not created! 😆 )  I know I have to narrow down to some essential topics in the near future, nevertheless I have more projects that I wanna proceed… Gee 🙄  

Today, I signed up with twitter for the first time.
Here’s a link to my page.  https://twitter.com/junkeet
I’ll follow my friends when I find them.  

Anyway, I’ll be glad if you let me hear your opinion on this blog, anytime.
I’m trying to grow it, maybe over 3 -5 years from now on, hopefully!
Well, sorry I was getting off the subject, and here is a link to my new updated show.
( The video article is located in a child page of WP, and so, if you want a leave a message, question, opinion, or whatsoever, please use the comment section of this post. 😉 )


One Response to “I've updated a new post about Tokyo Kawaii Summit.”

  1. arhiderrr February 28, 2009 at 6:31 pm #

    Nice article

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