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CRASH HELLO KITTY at Shinjuku Marui One

27 Feb

Marui, a department store, especially targeting low teen to 30+ years old customers in around Tokyo area, has been my favorite department store since my high school age. I wonder how many pairs of WANONANO shoes I’ve bought in Marui for the past 10 years, and how many of bags, clothes… But now, I can see Marui is trying to change, which was for sure when I visited Marui ONE that just completed renewal to reopen on 20 Feb. 2009, (about a week ago).

Marui ONE in Shinjuku right now runs an event called “CRASH HELLO KITTY” until 11 Mar. 2009.
What makes this Marui stand out from other ordinary Marui is not only the 1st floor where Hello Kitty shop temporarily opens. As I went up to the 2nd, 3rd…to the 8th floor, (I guess it was 8, at the top, and each floor had small area) I found that Marui ONE was reborn with completele make-over! As I talked with one of a shop staff, I realized that this Marui department store is focusing on foreign tourists who are interested in Japanese kawaii fahion!

This however, seriously reminded me of what I was watching at Tokyo Kawaii TV, my older post, and the economy crisis these days from which I’m very much afraid of the tragic outcome that derives from Japan’s too much dependence on export industry so far. It seemed to me that this new movement reflects what’s going on in Japan, and that just caught my attention.

Sorry I was off the topic. So, that’s for sure! This could save time for those who don’t have time to drop at Harajuku, because they can shop either Goth or Lolita, Hime, Punk, Anime fashion, and even Yukata here in one department store in Shinjuku. Gothloli fashion used to be sold at another Marui department store that is closer to the JR Shinjuku station (named Marui YOUNG at that time.) But this one is now making over and it reopens today as Marui CURREN. (There are about 6 different kinds of Marui department stores in Shinjuku; Marui CURREN, Marui ONE, Marui City, Marui MEN’S, Marui In the Room, and another Marui under construction.)Among various Kitty goods such as deco items as in the photo, I liked the Kitty fish for about 1000 yen. For Hello Kitty Lovers, if you are travelling in Tokyo this period, why don’t you check this event out? The shop opens until 11 Mar. 2009, according to the website. 😉

Well, there are more and more I want to share with you, so please check out Kawaii Shop where I update Tokyo kawaii shops or stores info. with some photos from time to time. I can do this because I live very close to Tokyo, (10-15 minutes to Shibuya by train) and I like browsing kawaii stuff, too.  🙂


Easy access to self-made kawaii sweets accessory, "DECOTTI".

24 Feb

From Valentine’s Day to White Day in Japan, this 1-month period is a good time to browse chocolates, candies, and any sweets or confectionery.  On the other hand though, to make something like the one in the photos by yourself and give it to your friends also sounds cool.

I think I found the product very easily at Kiddyland Harajuku because I went the store a few days before Valentine’s Day. (It always takes too much time until finally I can write about, as I am the only writer to the site. I have several pages & posts to write and they are making lines on and on, but I have hard time catching up. So please be patient for that. )Q-pot is the most famous sweets accessory brand in Japan. Kawaii iphone & ipod accessories from Q-pot are remarkable.  The accessories from Q-pot are all sooo kawaii and elaborate, hence I have to tell you that they are not reasonable pricing. Then what if we want to get casual sweets decorations for reasonable price?

Actually in Tokyo these days, there are many followers on Q-pot who deal with kawaii decorations less expensively. But what’s good about the product is that you can enjoy the process of making the one as you like! It costs 3150 yen, and the price is not that high, considering what you can get out of the package! I’d be happy to share my experience when I get one for myself. 🙂

Here’s a video explaining about the product in English.

Kawaii Deco Sushi Roll

20 Feb

I was about to reply to the comments to the post on Obama Sushi, but I found additional info. and video that I again wanna share with you.

The Japanese chef who was introduced as Kazari Makizushi (=decorated sushi roll) Instructor and is already buzzed for Obama Sushi, Ken Kawasumi, was also good at that famous character!  You’ll never know what he makes until finally he cuts the roll. 😆

If you’re not familiar with this character, please check to see here and find how well he did it.
He teaches at a cooking school “LAPIN” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.  Wow, it’s maybe half an hour distance from my house, but I have no extra time & money to learn it.  😦
For those who cannot reach it, he has published his books in English, too.  Wow, he’s so successful, isn’t he!  If you live in Tokyo, Tokyo Sushi Academy might be good.  Sushi is not just traditional and healthy, but is cool and even kawaii these days!

I've updated a new post about Tokyo Kawaii Summit.

19 Feb

These days I have this feeling that I want to work hard for this blog.  Why?  Maybe I just wanna run out of the poor day trading results of mine and I have found growing this blog to more professional level is much more fun, when compared with watching Nikkei 225 chart day after day… 😦

Once I started thinking of what I wanted to do with this blog, I’ve come up with several ideas which are more often than not too many to tackle with.  Lacking of internet related technical skills, needing a dictionary to make sure spellings and correct wordings, and covering several topics from kawaii to food and language all by myself is just too much.  ( I have a friend who helps me out for the HTML & CSS things, unless otherwise, this blog was not created! 😆 )  I know I have to narrow down to some essential topics in the near future, nevertheless I have more projects that I wanna proceed… Gee 🙄  

Today, I signed up with twitter for the first time.
Here’s a link to my page.
I’ll follow my friends when I find them.  

Anyway, I’ll be glad if you let me hear your opinion on this blog, anytime.
I’m trying to grow it, maybe over 3 -5 years from now on, hopefully!
Well, sorry I was getting off the subject, and here is a link to my new updated show.
( The video article is located in a child page of WP, and so, if you want a leave a message, question, opinion, or whatsoever, please use the comment section of this post. 😉 )

President Obama Charaben??

18 Feb

Disclaimer: The photo is taken from MSN Japan

My day starts off from checking up emails, as is often the case. Let me share with you what I found this morning at MSN Japan. First I thought that it’s a President Obama Charaben, but as I read through the article, I found it was Sushi! Wow, actually it’s more like Charaben of Sushi version! 😛 It could also reminds me of Kintaro-candy. The entire work looks so kawaii! What a lovely Sushi is it!

Valentine's Day in Japan

15 Feb

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day for girls to give chocolates to boys. I think I wrote about that last year in my previous blog.  Yes, 1 year has passed since I started up my blog. 

It’s a good chance to try out several different kinds of chocolates before Valentine’s Day. Yes, sampling chocolates from Europe is one good thing that I am expecting this period. 😛
As in the photos here, I’m always hanging out Shibuya area to sample chocolates where we could purchase chocolates from Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, NY, and some famous chocolate brands from Japan. So you can see it’s a day for chocolates as well.

I do not always buy chocolates to my hubby, but instead, I’d buy some nice sweets so we can share with. At the same time, of course, I do not expect anything from him on “White Day” which is a day for men to return candies to the women who gave them chocolates. To me, these days seem to be for confectionery makers to gain profit. Exchanging cards or giving flowers is also nice, and we don’t have to stick so much to chocolates. This is how I feel.

This weekend actually was far from Valentine’s Day or anything. I’m trying to work for videos. I mean, from DVD recorded program to the online video that I can show on this blog. To be exact, I am not capable of technical things at all, and my hubby struggled against that for me.

BTW, the chocolate looks so cute!

I've updated Onsen photos!

7 Feb

I’ve updated my Onsen photos in Wakayama at “Travel & Eat-out in Japan” page. The weather was raining, unfortunately, but I never got bored of bathing in Onsen as many as 5 times in 3 days. (We stayed the Ryokan, or Japanese styled hotel for 2 nights. )This photo is from the sashimi dinner we had at the Ryokan. The dinner was gorgeous. This time I didn’t have to worry about money because my dad took care of it. 😛 My mission was to take care of my grandma, who is as old as 87. Anyway, the Onsen was the best of all!