Commercializer, SNS for blog commercial

2 Oct

It’s not easy for me to catch up with cutting-edge internet related services inside and outside Japan, but I found there is a place where we can make casual promotion for our blog.

Here’s the site, named “commercializer” and the service is in Japanese, so as users.

※ブラウザのJavaScriptをONにして、Flash Player9以上をインストールしてください。
Get Adobe Flash Player割烹旅館 かんな和 別邸 by じゃらんnetさん
カンタンCM作成サイト コマーシャライザー

The commercial is by Jalan Japan, one of the most major hotel booking site in Japan, and as you can see, it sends some fascinating Onsen (=hot spring) Ryokan (=authentic Japanese style hotel) images in addition to tempting Japanese foods like Sashimi within a minute.

The final screen links to the main URL of the product or the service.

I use Jalan, especially I read comments from users who have stayed at the hotel before.
The website of Jalan is very useful, but I also like this kind of commercial, bacause it sends us a concentrated message within very limited time.
I wonder if this kind of commercial SNS available in English…


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