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Sweet felt work

30 Sep
handmade baby boots

handmade baby boots



The other day I ordered a pair of baby boots made of felt wool and here it is!

The boots are for a baby of my friend’s who I’m planning to give as a present when I see them this weekend.

These boots are 100% handmade by a designer living in Australia.
She’s also an author of a book “Felt handmade style”.
She is such a cute Japanese woman and I’m one of those who are in love with her works. This is not only because she happens to be my relative, but I just like the way she is.

EMS international postal services costs more than the item itself, but still, I like to choose her work as a gift whenever someone gives birth to a baby.


kawaii calendar

26 Sep
kawaii calendar2

kawaii calendar2

kawaii calendar1

kawaii calendar1

This calendar for 2009 that I happened to find at Afternoon Tea was so cute! As you can see, each day has different kawaii illustration and it’s just like a postal stamp.
It costs only 1470 yen (=about US$14) with all these cute things.

I think I would have bought it if only each illustration can be used as a sticker. (But I wonder when I would use up as many as 365 stickers…?)
I took these photos with my mobile phone camera in secret because usually it’s not allowed to do that in a shop. Is there any good way to make use of this?

another kawaii from Akiba?

23 Sep


Open 7 days a week
essential oil therapy 40 min. 5000yen (US$50 or so) and more options available.

*Disclaimer: The photos are quoted from MSN Japan.

There is another way of how to make use of the salon that is also mentioned at MSN Japan news, which I also found interesting. It’s that Japanese people who want to practice English while receiving massage! I never thought of that way, ouch! Very nice & unique idea (^o^)

From MSN Japan news, I found an interesting one that I cannot but mention here!

Nowadays Akihabara is very famous among world tourists as it is considered a mecca of subculture, and also well-known as the place that gave birth to quite a few anime, manga, game, otaku, maid cafe, cosplay, doujin, and more….(These words are Japanse but they are already known in English.) Akihabara is also called “Akiba” abbreviated with affinity, if I might add.

So the news is that, a new massage salon named NADESHIKO-AN lately opened in Akiba, where all the staff speak fluent English so that foreign turists can also fully explore & enjoy our culture.

I like the idea so much, because unfortunately not many of us have good command of English, and so, foreign turists are very likely to have difficulties in communication with us.
(That’s why my English is not perfect, as you can see…but I think it’s OK…(^_^;)v )

What I like most in the salon is its Edo-styled interior, and all the employees wearing kimono.

I really like the concept of this salon!

What's Puchimoe?

23 Sep

original version
mugen puchi puchi (song) *caution: Music starts!

This is not exactly my taste, but in Japan, puchimoe and similar toys are very popular now. I knew that for the first time the other day when I was watching TV program that introduces what’s new in Tokyo stuff.
I found it. I can see the small toy with bubble packing and we are supposed to pop the bubble, but then my question is that it would be over with 8 times, or the numbers of bubbles on the toy. No problem, the bubbles are mugen (unlimited or endless), according to the song, although I have no idea how it works…

What’s interesting is that the toy sometimes speaks with famous character’s voice from well-known manga or anime just like the sample video below. This brings “moe-feeling” (I’m not quite sure what it is like, sorry) to otaku guys. But as far as I watch the TV, it’s no longer otaku limited matter, but the popularity is wide spread over the nation??? I wonder if any of these are also currently available outside Japan, but it’s not so long to be able to check it out in other countries in the near future since it became such a big hit in Japan.

I don't feel like paying this much to get a TimTam in Japan.

22 Sep
TimTam sold in Japan

TimTam sold in Japan

It says 468 yen (about US$4) for a TimTam. TimTam is a famous chocolate cookie made in Australia. I know it should not this expensive. Is this because yen is too weak to Australian dollar?

When I was in Australia, I used to but it for about 140 yen or so, if I was correct. I will never have any chance to eat it again as long as I’m in this country. With that 468 yen, I could go to McDonald’s instead…

It’s interesting to see what’s picked out from famous products of other countries.
Snapple iced tea, for example was so famous when I was in the U.S. It was always at cafeteria and I remember I used to have it everyday at a lunch time. Minutes made orange juice was as well.
But in Japan, Snapple can barely found while Minutes made even runs commercial on TV.
So TimTam is highly evaluated and picked out from any other competitive chocolates. That’s interesting…People keep paying for that….

Yujin Capsule toys are not only for kids.

20 Sep


Capsule toys (small figure in a capsule) are always sold like this in the above picture in Japan.
Capsule toy is called “Gashapon” in Japanese.

Each vending machine sells 1 brand. So, when it is, for example, Yatterman, the machine sells only Yatterman’s characters (meaning Gan-chan, Ai-chan, Doronjo, Boyacky, Tonzler etc.). Insert 200 yen (about US$2) turn the lever and you’ll get 1 capsule. There is only one toy or figure in a capsule that is related to the brand.

Yatterman Gashapon

Yujin Capsule Toy selling Yatterman figures.

Yatterman Figures

Disclaimer: only 6 figures’ photo quoted from Toy’s M f1rst

Gothloli fashion @ Harajuku

18 Sep

***This post is originally from my previous blog, “Japanese Cuisine Daily Recipes & Something Kawaii From Harajuku?“.

GothloliI am no longer surprised to see Gothloli styled girls around in Harajuku on my way to work.
Gothloli is the hottest & cutting edge of global fashion???

I found an interesting video that explains about it in English.

In the video, a department store in Shinjuku, where a couple of train stations away from Harajuku, named OIOI ONE (Marui) was introduced. I can see it as in the website.

Here’s a sequence of the video.

On my way to work today, I saw a Gothloli dressed teenage girl with her mom speaking with a business guy in business suit. This could be something like scouting??? (*0*)