Starting up a new blog!

26 Aug

I am in the process of transferring my current site “Japanese cuisine daily recipes & something kawaii from Harajuku?” ( ) here.

As my internet-related technical skills are very poor, it may take a while until this gets ready.
Also, moving this self-domained site from free Blogger blog means, I have to ask my readers/ subscribers to register RSS/ Google reader, or whatever reader subscription here again, which may be troublesome but I’m sorry I don’t know if there should be any better ways other than that. 

Choosing WordPress platform, buying a domain name, renting a hosting server, and deciding to keep managing my blog in English, my second language, required me some time to think about.
That’s because they are all challenging to me. 

There was time that I’d thought I should not, but the other day, I had a strong motivation that I have to DO THIS!  (I hope I can tell you about this later.)  So I moved forward, a big one step, and here I am with my new blog today!

I’ll try to make this blog filled with more information than the current one, since this allows me to have tabs to jump between pages. (I like that.) Well, I have to do so many things for setups.  I’ll keep posting for a current blog for a while until I get used to this one.

Catch you later!


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