Just dropping by…

5 Mar

It’s been several years already since I left TKE blog. However, to my surprise, I still receive comments nowadays. Actually many times I ended up forgetting to approve the comments and I just left them for months…, even years…But today, with a notification of receiving a comment to this blog, I finally decided to login and approve the comments that have been waiting to be approved since…2015 or whatever…sorry ๐Ÿ˜›

When I committed myself to the TKE blog, I never did that. I really enjoyed interacting with my readers. And when I came back here inside the blog…I felt something…that feeling came back to me. That passion I felt so familiar when I was writing TKE…and so I felt like experiencing again the process of creating a new post and publish it, just to sense that feeling, even if it’s just a fraction of it…

Now come to think of it, it’s been 5 years already (!) since I left TKE…and well the thing is…I’m no longer tired of outputting. After resting for 5 years and now…I kinda started to feel like blogging again. But no longer with Kawaii theme.

I was not supposed to add any new post on this blog because it’s just a showcase of archives from TKE. So this is a trial post, let’s say, for me to go through that feeling again to see if I still have passion for doing a blog like that.

But for those who kindly left comments on this blog, I’m sorry I didn’t approve your comments for such a long time.


Creating a WordPress.com site to preserve the content in TKE blog

1 Jun

I finally succeeded in migrating the content from tokyokawaiietc.com to tokyokawaiietc.wordpress.com with great help from WordPress.com support team. However, as you may have noticed, the links placed in each page (you know the pages such as Kawaii Shop, Learn Japanese, and etc.) jump to the equivalent posts on TKE blog. This means they will be useless once TKE blog is closed down. Thus, I’ve got to do this manually one by one, identifying the name of the post in TKE and this WP blog and replacing them in the HTML…well I’ve started to do that little by little, but I guess it’ll take some time. :p

I’ll do the least that may be required to this website, as the first and foremost the main purpose of this place is preservation of TKE blog. I could make the site look better, you may say that, but that is not so important here any longer. Hope you understand what I mean.

When I complete the manual edit with the links, I will finally go ahead to close down the TKE blog.
I know some of the contents are getting too out of date and not a very good reading any more, but it’s a relief that I can keep what I’d made (and of course Apple too) during 2008-2013 in a similar form to the original, and for free.

I don’t think I will start another blog now. I guess I enjoy the process of input rather than output now, since I’ve output sufficient information via TKE blog. If I get enough input, I may feel like writing another blog in the near future, but I just don’t know that till then.

I have no intention to update this blog here, but this is sort of a test post so that I can see how things work…

Thanks and regards,

Thank You!

14 Feb

Hi everyone reading TKE blog.
As you’ve noticed, I’ve been away from blogging again.
I guess…it’s high time I finally stopped blogging.

When I went on hiatus last time, I noticed I needed a place where I could express my joy of writing, because at that time my job was to translate something technical and inhuman written in English into Japanese…So I returned to TKE. I needed human words and I needed to feel joy from writing. But since I changed jobs, I’ve experienced joy of translation into beautiful easy-to-read Japanese. Now the theme is not something technical but it’s about marketing, sales, management, leadership, investment…business, and I like that. I can learn these themes while translating them.

What happened is that I don’t feel like doing extra PC work after I come back from work. Translation work requires PC work all day long and all I want to do at home is stay away from computer as much as possible. Yet, I have many emails to reply to everyday. OK, that’s fine. But as to blogging…I think it’s finally incompatible.

I’ve never imagined the day will come like this when I say I will quit TKE forever. This is not a free blog. When I don’t update it frequently, it doesn’t earn from advertisement and thus it can’t afford hosting eventually. It’s not happening now, but I can easily imagine that. Sadly I don’t feel sad so much, which is because my interests are not for TKE any longer. I miss those days when I was a lot more enthusiastic about running TKE. But things change. My job or life changes as well. So I’d rather take it as a natural change.

The asset I made through TKE is definitely FRIENDS!
I wanted to write a post about visiting them on TKE but without waiting for such days, TKE may be closed down.
Too much PC work makes me tired. From now on, I’d continue email correspondences with some friends rather than exchanging comments with many readers.

I have no other choice. I want to focus on my translation work. I totally enjoy the process of creating and writing Japanese from what I get in English. I never experienced this before. Writing has always given a special experience to me since I was a kid. Now I feel something similar from translation when the script is something spoken by human not like a technical manual or something.

It doesn’t mean I close down TKE next morning or within this month. But in a few months, it’s possible.
(When TKE is closed, TKE email address is also disabled. And I have already closed my facebook and twitter accounts too. I may continue Youtube only but I’m not sure that either.)

Finally, thank you for reading TKE and allowing me to experience it.
It was a great experience! ๐Ÿ˜€
Keep in touch via email if you stay as my friend.


Country names in Japanese

27 Jan

Finally I’ve made another one of learn-Japanese videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

*I don’t know why but sometimes the video seems not working…Here’s an alternative link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD7bui7TPGc&feature=share&list=UUUQYdilXr8HOOhLdsRB5Reg

I was unable to cover all the country names in Kanji, but it seems each country has its name in kanji version.
This page may have your country in kanji version. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yet, please don’t misunderstand that every country in kanji is recognizable in Japan.
If you wish to remember country names in Japanese, do it in katakana when the country has both names in katakana and kanji.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Tiger in Osaka

19 Jan

Gosh! I needed so much time until I finally update this post since I came back from Osaka…late December! x__x

There’s a famous zakka shop (zakka means daily goods in Japanese) in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. That’s Tiger Copenhagen! This is the only store we have in Japan. Yes, the very first store in Japan isn’t located in Tokyo, but in Osaka! The store is so famous for its popularity, because people make a long long line to come into the store for shopping. Well that was the news I heard when the store opened and I didn’t think the line is still long even today!!
tiger Osaka3

I was accompanied by my Osakan friend who hasn’t felt like checking this store out until that day with me because of too many people’s waiting all the time.
tiger Osaka4

When we got there, we were shocked to see many people making a line, waiting to get into the store. A security guard told us, “Here’s the end of the line. I think you’d wait for 40 minutes or so.” I’d give up waiting if I were alone but having my long-time-no-see friend with me, I thought I could chat with her while we were waiting.

As it turned out, however, 40 minutes was not necessary. The line moved so quickly and I guess we only waited for 10 or 15 minutes. So this is a picture I took from inside the store. Still many people waiting, huh?
tiger Osaka1
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Happy New Year 2013!!

5 Jan

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe today has come without having updated any posts on TKE! I’ve been on holiday since 22nd of December…so that means I’ve been free for nearly half a month! I was planning to do this and that but why anything has not done yet at this moment???? @____@

I know why, because I have been busy with social life; meeting up with friends, attending a seminar, visiting my grandmother in Osaka (haven’t posted about it either!) drinking, inviting friends, shopping, negotiating with my bank in the U.S (my bank account was regarded as unclaimed property due to its inactive state), replying to emails and greeting cards and etc. Now I have only today and tomorrow before I restart working on Monday. BTW, I will go drinking with my friends tonight…-___- oops…

midori sushi

This is a sushi plate I had at Midori sushi restaurant. I’ve never seen the restaurant without people waiting in a long line. It’s that popular in Tokyo. It was raining and very cold when I visited there with my father in December. While we were waiting outside of the restaurant (we went the one in Ginza) one of the waiters kindly handed each of us a disposable kairo to warm up. How nice!! ๐Ÿ˜€

The sushi plate was priced 2600 or so and it was very good! I think the price was reasonable considering the quality, and I am convinced that’s why people line up! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve got to go….
I have no idea if I can really continue on blogging in 2013. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
But even if I have to stop it, you can feel free to email me!

I wish you all the best for 2013!!! ^__^

The Cutest Dogs in the World

28 Dec

===Apple’s post starts from here===

I’m sure you know Boo.

He is tagged as ‘world’s cutest dog’.

He looked like this through ‘accident’. His long hair was such a mess that it was impossible to comb. The groomer said the only way is to cut his hair short. At first, Boo’s owner was upset when he heard that, but when Boo was done with his haircut, he looked really cute!

For some reason, I keep thinking Boo is Japanese. ^^”

This guy is famous! He even has his own photobook!

But Boo comes from America!!

I was surprised because I was quite sure this guy was from Japan…then I found this:


Ok, this cutie is definitely from Japan because he “wan!”s instead of “woof!”s.

Meet Shunsuke, the cutest dog in Japan!

Both dogs are Pomeranian and they look like baby cubs to me! I’ve seen Ena chan’s Pomeranian before! She has a black Pomeranian and he is awfully cute as well.

For more doggie cuteness, you can ‘like’ these guys on their Facebook page!



Which dog do you think is cuter? ^^ They sure do look like stuffed toys!

===end of the post===
Kirin’s opinion:
Kawaii~~~~~<3 Thank you Apple for sharing this. ๐Ÿ˜€ I saw Shunsuke on a dog magazine cover and I've also noticed this 'hair style' for Pomeranian has become popular lately. โค โค โค I liked the Shunsuke's picture with the red ribbon. (But I'm still a doting mother to my own dog Pi-chan. lol)